Sit-n-Go And Scheduled Tournaments

Online Poker tournaments are very popular due in part to their competitive elements and due in part to their massive prizes.

There are two main types of tournament, the Sit and Go tournament and the Scheduled tournament. Basically, one tournament is more casual than the other, but they both still offer huge prizes. Let’s get to grips with how Sit-n-Go tournaments work so that you know all the basics.

The Sit And Go Tournament

The Sit and Go tournament can often also be called a SNG tournament. The first thing to note is that in a Sit and Go tournament, there will be no fixed starting time. Play will commence as soon as the table is full. There will be a fixed number of players, usually between 6 and 10 that sit down at a single table.

The format of the game is a single elimination tournament where the loser of every round is eliminated from the game. The prize money is awarded on a fixed payout basis meaning there will be a set number of the top players who receive a prize. Sit and Go tournaments are great for players who do not have the time for a full sit down tournament yet they still want to get the fun and excitement of one.

It is also great for players who want to test their mettle as the quick play format can often mean that even average players can stand a good chance of coming out on top. A more recent variation on this format is multi table Sit and Go tournaments where the other tables eventually get worked down to a single table.

Scheduled Poker Tournaments

A scheduled tournament is not that much different form a Sit and Go tournament. For a start, every aspect of the game is pre-determined including stack sizes, buy-ins, the antes, the time limits and the game structure.

Each round commences for a set amount of time, say 10 minutes or 5 minutes. At the end of that time slot, the blinds will increase. This will keep happening until either all the players are cut out or a winner is declared for the tournament.

Other Tournament Options

These two formats are the main setup for most online tournaments, but within these two frame works you can find other tournament formats as well including:

  • Freeze out –If you bust, you lose
  • Re-buy – Allows you to re-buy every few rounds for a set amount of money
  • Turbo – a Scheduled tournament with very fast rounds
  • Satellite -Instead of cash prizes you gain entry into a bigger tournament.

Now you know the basics, you can decide if you want to play!

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