Serious, Social and Casino Games

If you thought that the digital gaming world was just casino games and video games, you are in for a surprise. We can understand how easy it is to think that, but there really is more to it.

There are serious games, social games and casino games.

Some games offer educational experiences, others let players get social in an alternate universe, and yet others offer players a traditional or not so traditional way of playing for real money. There are also games that bridge the categories.

Gaming has become an important part of life for millions of players around the world, and for all kinds of reasons. When you know what is available, you tailor all your gaming to suit your needs.

A Variety of Platforms

The different types of games out there are available on different platforms. Whether you want to learn the alphabet, join your friends in battle against an army of zombie orcs or place European roulette bets, you can do it on console, computer, smartphone or tablet.

Games are available on CD-ROM, and they can be downloaded and installed, or played in browser. We don’t mean serious or social games only. We mean casino games as well.

What Are Serious Games?

Serious games are designed to offer players an entertaining learning experience.

Such games, created for players of various ages, cover a wide range of subjects such as mathematics, language and literacy, biology, geography and history. The basic idea is to present information, which most of us would find boring, in a way that is exciting, engaging and stimulating.

There is nothing new about learning through play, of course. It is something human beings have been doing for so long, no one actually knows when we first started doing it. Serious games simply do it in a way that is relevant to 21st century living.

 What Are Social Games?

Apart from casino games, social games are the ones most players are familiar with. These games are all about social interaction, so you would play them with friends, or hopefully make new friends in the process.

Social games are available in a plethora of styles, types and variations. The most basic of them are card games, board games and role-playing games such as that old classic, Advanced Dungeons and Dragons.

Things get a bit more exciting when microchips and software are added to the mix. That is when you get multiplayer video games that lend themselves to LAN parties, role-play games, augmented reality games (such as Pokémon GO) and massive multiplayer online games (such as World of Warcraft), in which no single player emerges victorious to end the game.

Most game development studios spend the bulk of their time, energy and resources on developing social games. This means these games are the ones that actually drive technological developments in gaming.

The innovations that often make their debut in this type of game eventually find their way into serious games and casino games.

What Are Casino Games?

Despite the prevalence of social games, casino games remain the most recognisable of all. They are usually, but not always, played with real money bets for chances to win jackpots or other payouts.

Most players, including yourself, are probably familiar with what we have come to think of as traditional casino games. These include slots, table games, card games and speciality games.

To cater to young players who want more variety, focus has also turned to the development of casino games in the form of video games that offer payouts for completed quests, as well as virtual reality games. The possibilities seem endless, and we can’t wait to see what leading and independent developers come up with next.

The games that see the most player action, both on the floor of most casinos around the world and online, are slot machines. Slots are available in a classic format, with 3 reels and few, if any, bonus features; in a video game-inspired format, with 5 reels and special features such as Wilds, Scatters, and bonus games, and a format that feeds the jackpot with a portion of every real money bet placed.

Among card games are those such as baccarat, blackjack, poker, rummy and video poker. Table games encompass those such as craps, roulette and sic bo, while speciality games include those such as bingo, keno and scratch cards.

When played in brick-and-mortar casinos, all games except slot machines are played with other players, even if each of them is actually playing against the dealer. When played online, however, you often have the choice of playing a single-player game in which you face the dealer, or of playing a multi-player game with other players.

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