Screen Resolution In Online Casino Games

Online Gambling Resolution

Since computers were first invented, screen resolution has played a part in the experience of using those computers. In short; screen resolution determines how many pixels are used to create an image. The more pixels, generally the more detailed and crisp a computer-generated image appears. When an image appears to have jagged edges in a computer image, this is because the resolution is low, and so creating the effect that is often refereed to as “image step” due to the fact that the jagged edges resemble steps

In the modern era higher and higher resolutions are used in order to maximize image quality, with many being familiar with the term high definition. High definition is the accepted term for screen resolution of 1920X1080 pixels per square inch. The improvement to image quality, in comparison to lower resolutions, is immense, and extremely noticeable. Of course, there is a great deal more to understand as far as resolution does, and how it might impact the experience of playing online casino games. Let’s take a closer look.

Online Casino Game Resolution

The majority of modern online casino games look great. The images are clear and detailed, and often so good as to make people gasp. Using extremely well animated and detailed graphics, these online casino games are enough to make online gamers of just a few years ago envious. But how much does resolution really matter in these games?

The first thing to keep in mind is that the resolution that a computer is running at, outputting the screen, is not the same as resolution of the game itself. An online casino game will have been created in a certain resolution, and that resolution will remain constant. If the game was designed using high definition graphics, these graphics will always be that resolution, regardless of the screen the game is being played on. Modern mainstream video games work differently, but we will focus only on casino games in this blog.

So, online casino games keep the resolution of their design, but this doesn’t mean that there are no effects on the game, and how it is experienced. Screen size, for example, can make a great deal of difference for many reasons.

Native Resolutions

Computer screens have what is referred to as a native resolution. Or, the resolution that the screen was designed to be used with. This means that images and casino games of an HD resolution will fit perfectly into a screen that designed to display HD images. The majority of modern smart phones and tablets have native HD resolutions, which is why the two go so well together.

But what if an HD image is displayed on a screen that does not have HD native capability? The result will be that the image appears small, as if being squashed into the screen, and details will be hard to see, and equally as hard to try and interact with. Especially if using a touchscreen.

In other cases the image or game may even be extending beyond the boundaries of the screen, and have to be scrolled back and forth to see the whole image. This will result in an extremely disorienting experience, and may even make the game unplayable altogether. So in this regard resolution does have a big impact on playing online casino games.

What Is 4K Resolution?

4K resolution is still new to the world, and only used in some cases. 4K resolution refers to a resolution vastly superior to HD, so much so that it uses about four times the number of pixels to make up images. This resolution is used in the film industry, to film movies at superior qualities. It is also used in modern video games, recently introduced to the industry and as seen as the resolution used by the most enthusiastic of gamers.

As far as online casino games go, this incredibly high resolution is not required, and not at all supported by any of the existing games. Simply put, there would be very little point in trying to make online Casio games function at a 4K resolution. If played on a 4K screen, the games would appear so small as to be difficult to view. There would be no benefit at all.

It does, however, make sense that online casino games will eventually be made for 4K resolutions, although his would be some years into the future when 4K resolution becomes the new standard. Those playing casino games presently need not be concerned about it, since online casino games will likely remain designed for HD resolutions for many years still.

When 4K does become the new standard, and online casino games do adopt this resolution, as with HD, 4K capable screens and monitors will be far cheaper than they presently are, as is the nature of an evolving industry.

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