River Belle Casino – From Then Till Now

Two Decades of River BelleRiver Belle Casino – From Then Till Now

As far as online casinos go, River Belle has certainly proven itself to be in a league of its own. The Mississippi-themed virtual gaming destination was first launched back in 1997 and quickly became a sought-after place to play. Its Southern hospitality atmosphere, clearly visible in its design, was also further echoed in its generous offers, ample rewards and friendly service promise.

This year marks this legendary online casino’s 20-year anniversary, a true testament to its staying power, quality product and well-earned reputation for keeping its players more than satisfied. During the last two decades, River Belle Casino has evolved on every possible level – from its live support and hassle-free banking solutions to its varied games selection and availability across mobile and online devices. It’s also achieved some very memorable milestones. One such unforgettable event was playing host to a record-breaking online jackpot payout in 2009, when Georgios M. walked away the winner of €6.3 million after placing a mere €5 bet on Mega Moolah.

2006 and Going Strong

2006 – Full Steam Ahead

In merely 9 years since its initial launch, River Belle had developed into a modern day gaming hotspot with bursts of reds and yellows on its site. Aside from offering a range of casino games, it now also added online poker to the mix. In fact, new players signing up for the first time could choose between a double-your-money, Buy $55 – Get $110 Casino Bonus and a substantial Buy $20 – Get $300 Poker Bonus. While the welcome offers took up most of the real estate on the homepage, River Belle also added two blocks, respectively punting its latest big winners and a poker tutorial to promote its new product. Grey and red buttons, prompting players, were subtle. And considering how the player numbers kept growing, they were indeed also functional.

Jackpot Payout Record

2012 – Hop On Board

Fifteen years on from its launch, River Belle Casino was reaping all the benefits of the latest technological advancements in the gaming industry. By now it offered over 350 graphic-rich casino games, a variety of prize-packed promotions, slots and blackjack tournaments, a lucrative loyalty programme and the bragging rights of having played host to the biggest online jackpot payout to date. All these features were neatly displayed on the casino’s homepage, beautifully framed and embellished with rich reds, yellows and warm brown tones. The iconic riverboat, as always, was a focal point, perched on the shimmering Mississippi, above the revamped $100 welcome offer.

Cruising to Success

2016 – Cruise to Endless Winnings

The most recent River Belle Casino design undoubtedly speaks of simplistic splendour. Its tranquil riverboat backdrop captures the natural beauty of the Mississippi while drawing your eye into the alluring $800 sign-up offer. In a bold move from its previous design, River Belle’s homepage appears completely uncluttered, with just a breakdown of the bonuses, icons of the hottest games and one ‘Play Now’ button taking up design space. The reason for the minimalism? Scalability across PC, tablet and smartphone devices. Should players want to read more about the casino’s software, games, banking options and licensing, they can simply scroll down. While the design might be quite different, it still exudes the essence of the brand with colours and offers translating into a warm Southern welcome.

From its humble beginnings in the nineties to a world-class product today, River Belle Casino has showed us that change is without a doubt a good thing. And while it’s been great to improve on the product offering, it has also been important to refresh the appearance of the casino. In fact, the two go hand in hand with function determining form and the other way around. Where to next for River Belle Casino? A lot depends on what new product offerings and platforms are currently being developed. One thing’s for sure, it can only get better – even if that’s hard to imagine.

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