Rejoice – Flying Cars Are Finally Here!


There are a few topics that can get people genuinely hot under the collar. One of them is the fact that Han Solo is dead, and the Star Wars universe is basically falling apart at the seams without him. It’s a tragedy akin to all the oceans suddenly drying up at once, and deserves about as much energy in terms of rage induced discussion.

The second topic is the fact that, despite it being well beyond the year 2000, there are still no flying cars. No, don’t hold back your indigence. We were all promised, in multiple films, that flying cars would be soaring above our heads by now. Heck, there should be so many that they all but blot out the sun. So where, forgive me if I sound like an entitled millennial, is my damn flying car?

Hold up, strap in, and prepare for a brain exploding revelation. The flying car is here, and it’s being developed by Rolls Royce.

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Rolls Royce Steps Up

Rolls Royce stepped up to reveal, at the Farnborough International Airshow, that indeed it has a real, actual, honest to goodness flying car in development. Does it look like everything you dreamed of, down to the sleek design and futuristic aerodynamics of science fiction movies? Well, no. It looks, shockingly, somewhat like a thing that can actually fly, based on real world physics. But still, a flying car!

According to Rolls Royce, the flying car has some pretty impressive statistics; even it doesn’t appear anything like what we saw in Back to the Future 2. It is capable of vertical take off, uses an electric engine that will never have to be recharged, and can ferry five people at 250 miles per hour in about a 500 mile radius. At least it theoretically will be able to do all the above, since development has not yet been completed.

So far, Rolls Royce seem to be leaning towards their flying car being a taxi service, although have also hinted that personal versions and military version are a possibility. No mention of how much it would cost to own one, though. But judging by the price tags on Rolls Royce in general, we can only imagine it will be a pretty penny!

A New Challenger Enters The Ring

But what’s this? No flying cars well into the 2000s, and now no less than 4 companies all decide to start development at once? Yes, it turns out that Rolls Royce are not the only ones with their heart set on making science fiction a reality.

Google, because of course Google, as well as Uber and Airbus have all likewise announced their intentions of creating flying cars. Why have they all waited until now to start development, in what appears to be a massive contest between mega companies? Is it publicity based, or perhaps just a general case of everyone suddenly wanting to be the alpha-mega-corporation? Who knows, but at least we’re basically guaranteed to have flying cars pretty soon.

Either way, the company that manages to make the version that looks most like Back to the Future will probably be the winners, at least in terms of public favour. Let’s wait and see who grasps that fact in advance.

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