Exclusive River Belle Launch Of Real Roulette With Sarati

Real Roulette with Sarati online slotSource: Microgaming

One of 2019’s most exciting moments in gaming is here! The exclusive launch of Real Roulette with Sarati took place at River Belle Casino on November the 11th. This hot new game joins hundreds of other amazing pokies and table games that are ready and waiting to make you a winner.

You can play it at River Belle Casino exclusively for now, until it goes live at all other operators on the 31st December.

Real Roulette with Sarati offers you a VIP experience that feels a lot like live dealer gaming. However, it actually uses RNG’s and other state of the art software to create a Roulette option that is unlike anything else out there. The new release is powered by Real Dealer Studios, one of Microgaming’s creative partners.

Live Dealer With a Twist

Real Roulette with Sarati is the answer for players who want the closest they can get to live dealer gaming without actually choosing a live edition of the King of Casino Games. Rather than being a Roulette game played on traditional equipment and run by a real dealer via live streaming, the results are generated by Random Number Generators as you play.

The scenes in which Sarati, the vivacious blonde dealer, interacts with you were pre-recorded. What you see is the work of a director, a professional actress, and a post-production team. The game engine used ensures the audio and video is of the highest quality. The high-tech software also offers other benefits. Among them are fast loading speed, certified fair play, mobile compatibility, and a feature that we are particularly excited about. It lets you continue your game or to start anew following an interruption.

Rewarding European Roulette

Real Roulette with Sarati uses the standard rules of the game’s popular European variant, but that is not all. If you feel like it, you can use a feature that lets you add some French flair to the gameplay.

The new game’s versatile and experience-enhancing features, as well as the 64,500.00 top payout it offers, are sure to make it the first choice of many players.

To play, you must guess which of the numbered pockets will be the one in which a small ball lands after it is dropped into the wheel. You can choose outside bets. The bet limits are set a 0.25 minimum and a 125.00 maximum. Its volatility is low, and its RTP is at 97.30%. The hit rate is a generous 48.65%.

A Look At the Features

The various features you can use when playing Real Roulette with Sarati offer different views, additional bets, and other options that can make playing even more convenient. Let’s take a closer look.

Using the Racetrack Bets feature lets you switch from the regular betting track to an oval-shaped track. Another way to enjoy extra betting options is to use the Special Bets feature. It offers some of the options usually found in French Roulette, as well as other popular configurations. Red/black splits, voisins du zero, orphelins, random 7, and 007 are just a few of the special options.

You can save as many as 6 of your favourite betting configurations with the Favourite Bets feature, and then place them with a click or a tap. The Statistics feature indicates specific numbers’ hit percentages, as well as those of other categories such as red, black, odd, even, thirds, halves, columns, and zero. The statistics are based on the previous 100 spins.

Give It A Go

As you can see, Real Roulette with Sarati is quite something! Playing it is a unique experience; one that you can enjoy at River Belle Casino on desktop or mobile exclusively until the end of December. Go on – give it a spin!

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