Great Gambling Podcasts And Radio Shows

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Since Heinrich Hertz discovered the radio wave in 1886 and radios started making their way into ordinary households in the late 1920s and 30s, our penchant for a good audio yarn has grown into so much more than just listening for entertainment value.  We now tune into not only radio, but the ever more popular podcast, which covers every topic under the sun. Gamers especially are tuning into radio shows and podcasts offering the low-down on how to get a competitive advantage in every conceivable game, from online blackjack to Five Card Stud. The best is the way technology has removed the limits you can get great gambling insights on the device of your choice anywhere, anytime. 

Deep engagement

Podcasts have outlasted their brick sized namesake, the iPod, which, if you are too young to remember replaced the much-loved Walkman. Released in 1979, this portable cassette player changed listening habits forever as people were able to listen to their own individual music choice whilst on the move. Groovy!

The meteoric rise of the podcast pays tribute to this desire for individuality and proves that our fascination with this incarnation of audio storytelling, on-demand radio shows if you like, has the power to pack some popular culture to you anywhere, anytime.

The fact that audio requires focus andcreates a deep sense of engagement between listener and content, makes it an excellent medium to hold court about your favourite topic. In this case, our appetite for some ‘stay tuned’ content on gambling, which we can effortlessly insert into our busy lives.

Gambling with an Edge

Premiering on KLAV radio on February 3rd 2011, Gambling with an Edge has had several co-hosts over the years. Bob Dancer, Frank Kneeland, Richard Munchkin and the “Wizard of Odds” Mike Shackleford have all had their say.

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As with any great show, this informative gambling podcast has stood the test of time with the inquisitive minds of the current experienced host gamblers, Bob and Richard, shining through in spades. With fabulous guests to mine for cool tall tales of their gambling exploits, the fine line between entertainment and information is mastered.

No matter whether you are a novice or a card sharp, these top gaming industry experts are sure to help you up your casino gaming to the next level.

You can bet on that

Hosted by long-term friends Mark and Dr. Mike’s (Shackleford) ‘You can bet on that’ is both educational and fun. Their on air chemistry translates into fabulous listening as their in-depth gambling knowledge shines through. The great banter is a bonus for the recreational gambler!

With insight into almost every game you might find at a casino, these two have a particular penchant for craps. Therefore, if that is your poison, these two are your snakes.

If you feel like being a fly on the wall of old mates discussing their gambling and casino fun times, then you bet you will love this show.

Two Morons Talking About Casinos & Stuff

From the other side of the casino floor, this show is hosted by non-other than some former casino dealers come casino table games floor supervisors, that go by the nick-names “Spike” and “T-Bag.”

This is a true behind-the-scenes look at what goes down at a Las Vegas casino. Based on their real life adventures, you can follow the antics and tales of the two from fisticuffs to curmudgeonly co-workers.  Imagining you are listening to Ed Deline, giving you the low-down on your casino surveillance is the real close up magic these two bring to this show. They know how to deal, they know how to roll with the punches, they have seen weirdos and celebs, and can tell a rollicking good yarn. Never fear, it doesn’t end with casino-related exploits. Spike and T-Bag whip out their own personal brand of life philosophy for you to ponder on whilst planning your next podcast or poker play.

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