Most Profitable Online Casino Games

You may be playing online casino games to kill a bit of time, perhaps while waiting for a queue at the bank. And, as people waiting for bank queues tend to not be super analytical, the amount of money you’re actually winning may not even enter into it. There is certainly nothing wrong with this, and just about any distraction will do when a snaking bank queue is your enemy.

But, when getting right own to the reality of casino games, is it true that some games are, objectively, more profitable than others? Let’s take a look and find out more about which casino games are the most profitable.

What Is RTP?

There is a term often used when talking about casino games, and how much they pay out. The term is RTP, or Return To Player. The RTP of a casino game such as a slot game, for example, is the average amount of spins that the game pays out to the player. Of course, the RTP is not exact, since casino games are based around chance. But the RTP will still give a pretty good idea of how profitable a casino game can be.

When looking at slot games, the RTP is often as staggeringly high as 92% and upwards. But doesn’t this mean that slot games are almost a guaranteed way to earn huge amounts of cash?

While a 92% RTP is very high, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the player will always walk away with more than the amount they put into the game. Slot games are about luck, after all.

If a player puts $1 into a slot game, and wins 0.50c, it still counts as a return to player. But then the trick with slot games is that a win may be a small amount, or an enormous jackpot that sets the player up for life. Slot games are entirely about luck, and taking a shot at winning anywhere between $10 and $1 million is what the game is all about.

Skill Versus Chance

Other casino games, however, are a different type of scenario. In the game of blackjack the decisions the player makes directly affect the RTP amount. A skilled blackjack player can sway the favor and objectively beat the house. In the case of blackjack, therefore, the player has the power to be a winner in their hands, as opposed to winning being entirely about chance.

But the fact remains that the RTP will still not be 100%, given that blackjack is also partly about luck. The player cannot change the cards that are dealt, after all, which means that a few losses will be part of the player’s strategy. The trick is that the player can overcome the losses and still come out on top, with more money than when they started.

Which Casino Games Are The Most Profitable?

In answering this question, a person can say that the highest RTP makes the game the most profitable. And in this case, slot games have the highest RTP of any casino game. If looking at the question more analytically, however, one can also say that blackjack is the most profitable, but only if played by a very skilled player.

A less skilled play can still easily make a good amount of money playing any casino game, assuming the player makes smart betting decisions. But blackjack is still one of the only casino games that allows skilled players to win consistently, to the point that they could make a full time living from playing the game.

The same can be said for multiplayer poker, which puts players against other players. Since the house has no consequence in multiplayer poker, and there is no house advantage, a skilled player may also win consistently, given that they are skilled at the game.

Anyone Can Win Big

But casino games are also designed that even amateur or beginner players have a good chance of winning, and may walk away with huge amounts of cash. Casino games based around chance have this advantage, and it’s what makes the games so fun and entertaining. Even a person who has never played roulette in their life may put down a single bet, and walk away with an enormous win.

The same goes for slot games, which can turn a person into a millionaire, of just a single spin of the reels. It is, of course, the unpredictability of casino games that makes them such a thrilling experience.

For those who want to get better at casino games, however, and dedicate time into being consistent winners, there are always free online casino game strategy guides available. Following these guides can help even a beginner player win more often and more consistently.

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