Popular Fast-Paced Casino Games

One reason why many players don’t enjoy playing classic casino table games is because of the time it takes to complete each round. For example, in a land based casino, a single round of Texas Hold’em poker can take a long time to complete. While this may appeal to a lot of folks, most people want to get into the action as soon as possible and move on with the game.

The types of players who enjoy long drawn out games are generally in minority. This is why players tend to gravitate towards slot machines and other fast paced games. The truth is that there are actually quite a number of fast paced online and land based casino games that you can play without taking up the whole afternoon. River Belle takes a look at some of the most popular speed-based casino games.


Okay, so we already mentioned slots. But let’s have a brief review of why slots are so popular. For starters, there are hundreds to choose from. Online casinos offer a full range of classic, video and progressive slot games to suit just about every taste. The main thing about slots is the speed of play and the potential for winning. A single spin on a slot machine can take just a few seconds. This is all it takes to line up those five reels and hit the jackpot. In a single hour, players can potentially play dozens of slot games all with completely different styles and designs.

Jacks or Better Video Poker

If you enjoy playing poker but just don’t have the time to join a table, consider playing video poker. Jacks or Better video poker is the perfect way to bring your poker skills to the table without taking up too much of your time. Video poker is an incredibly fast paced game where you can win up to 4000 coins by landing a royal flush. In video poker, you set the pace of the game with each round taking no more than 30 seconds of your time. This means with just 30 seconds of play, you could potentially be walking away with some serious cash

Online Blackjack

While the land based version of blackjack is fairly quick, sometimes the table can get quite busy. This means the dealer spends quite a bit of time dealing out the cards and collecting the chips before and after the round. If you really want to speed up your game, you can try playing blackjack online. There are plenty of online blackjack variants that offer the same excitement of a real live casino with the added benefit of you setting the speed of the game. A single round of online blackjack can take anywhere from 20 to 40 seconds. Players also have the option of playing side bets or multiple hands.

Bingo and Keno

One game that most players think takes an awful lot of time is bingo. The truth is online bingo games can actually be extremely quick. Online bingo sites offer a wide range of bingo games from 8 ball bingo up to 90 ball bingo. The smaller games take just a few minutes to complete with players completing their pattern before you have even thought about lining up your next number. Next time you are looking or a fast paced game with big payouts, give bingo a whirl.

Sticking with the lottery games, one game that really does offer quick turnarounds is Keno. At the start of the game, you simply pick a set of numbers from the keno board. From there, each round take only a few seconds to complete. Online keno uses a random number generator to produce the results. This means that you can play five or ten rounds in just a few minutes.

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