Fortress Charge™ Slot to Debut 11 June

New Fortress Charge online casino slotSource: Microgaming

Crazy Tooth Studio’s new medieval adventure themed slot will be going live at River Belle Casino on the 11th of June this year. Although the subject matter in Fortress Charge™ is as popular as the first-rate online Roulette, brilliant Blackjack and other scintillating slots you’ll find at River Belle Casino, the way it’s been put out certainly isn’t! Players will be asked to interact with the game in an as-yet unheard of manner that’s sure to revolutionise the way these games are played going forward.

There are 6 reels and 3 paylines in Fortress Charge and the hero symbols advance along these until they reach the citadel target on the right-hand side of the screen. With a top payout of as much as 16 000x the active wager, this high-volatility slot has an RTP of 96.45% and a hit-rate of 12.32%.

Themed Symbols Add To The Fun

The Fortress Charge betting range is wide enough to suit most players’ preferences, with the minimum wager set at 0.1 and the maximum at 10. After they’ve set their stake, they’ll be asked to get their heroes home, as they move icons like knights, dwarves, beasts, elves, and dragons along the payline. These champions will need to contend with villains like spikes, scorpions, boulders, snakes, and ogres but have accessories in the shape of symbols representing wands, shields, potions, and spears to help. Treasure chests and Multipliers are also located on the lines and can be gathered up as the victors advance, with prizes of up to 16X the triggering bet being possible.

Crazy Tooth Studio® has once again outdone itself in terms of design, and the sheer inventiveness that Fortress Charge evidences is incredible.

Lion-Hearted Special Features

In Fortress Charge, Crazy Tooth Studio® debuts a new mechanic that players are going to love. It’s the Reel Quest Special Feature, which works off of the 3 rows and has the hero symbols advancing across to the citadel located on the right. They’ll move 1 position at a time until they get there and pay out.

Reel Quest is a special featureSource: Microgaming

The conquerors can only land on the 1st reel, and as they move across, they’ll be able to pick up the weapons the accessory symbols represent, each of which has a specific function and thwarts a specific enemy. While the wand icon is powerful enough to vanquish anyone, the other symbols only have power to deal with 1 type of bad guy and this section of play is creative and fun. The Fireball Feature helps players out, too, by dropping missiles of flames on the paylines, knocking out blackguards wherever it lands.

A Winning Partnership

Crazy Tooth Studio® was founded in 2011 and signed an exclusive deal to create content for Microgaming alone in February 2019. They’re based out of Reno, Nevada’s Atomik City Building and use their own original development framework, CTS Arsenal, to design, produce, and create new games as quickly as possible.

It’s the flexibility offered by this CTS Arsenal framework that smooths the road to creating really original game content like Fortress Charge because it allows them to easily adjust any aspect of the title they’re working on. This means that the kind of games Crazy Tooth Studio® is releasing is radically different from that being made anywhere else, something which behemoths of the online casino market Microgaming was quick and clever enough to spot early on. Rather than working off of a template which is then used time and time again with basic adjustments to distinguish titles from one another, wholly new content can be created very quickly, and everyone benefits!

Latest Games at River Belle Casino

As our name may indicate, River Belle casino is one of the oldest and longest-running online casinos in the world. We were established back in 1997, and while we’ve ensured our software, games, services, and standards have kept up to date as the industry has matured, we’ve kept our commitment to our players as total as it was from Day One. Microgaming powers the entertainment at River Belle Casino, and on the 11th of June Fortress Charge will find its place amongst the other epic titles we’re proud to make available. Our players are our first priority and ensuring that they can get in on the latest and greatest action is just a small part of what we do!

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