Diamond Force – New Slot Release Incoming

New Diamond Force Online SlotSource: Microgaming

Diamond Force is taking the online slots world by storm, introducing four new superheroes that are here to save the day. Individually they represent a force to be reckoned with, wearing the symbol of the diamond on their crime fighting attire. But, when these muscle bound, diverse heroes come together as a team, there is virtually nothing that can stand in their way.

This is the premise for the new slot Diamond Force, which will be available from the 14th April 2020 at River Belle desktop and mobile casino. The game was created by Crazy Tooth Studios, who collaborated with industry legends Microgaming to form a formidable partnership that has already seen great success. This is a slot that clearly aims to be part of the new superhero trend, but you don’t need to have read any comics to appreciate the fast paced action, impressive graphics, and big win potential.

 Join the Team

If you’ve watched virtually any recent superhero film, you’ll know that the overarching message is almost always teamwork. Or to put it another way; being part of a team is better than trying to face the world alone. A cliché. But then clichés are clichés for a reason; they happen to be true.

Diamond Force has taken the superhero teamwork message to heart and Microgaming and Crazy Tooth Studio have managed to translate it into the gameplay of a slot. Diamond Force, with a complete cast of four unique and interesting characters, demonstrates a diverse superhero team coming together, and standing tall as a single unit. The Team-Up Bonus features not only illustrates a superhero story, it is also a great way to potentially walk away with pockets loaded with cash.

Heroes Brought To Life

Superheroes are brought to life via a very distinct art style, and Crazy Tooth Studios has managed to transplant that style into a slot. Each hero, clearly spending much time in the gym, has their own colour, and their own personality. Though the developers only hint at the stories these heroes are involved in, leaving much to the imagination. In the Diamond Force slot, they are known only by their colours, which play into the visual design of the game as a whole; Purple, Red, Green and Blue. These four heroes are the high symbols, though also play into other aspects of the gameplay. Note that each appears only stacked on the reels, occupying 4 spaces.

 The heroes are joined by the more traditional J, Q, K and A, which are the low symbols.

The special symbols include a Wild, shown as the Diamond Force diamond logo, and the Bonus, which appears as the faces of all four heroes.

Spin for the most precious jewelSource: Microgaming

 Slots Specifics

Diamond Force operates on a 5×4 grid, and features 1024 Ways to Win. In terms of specific statistical details, the game has an RTP of 96.53%. It is a high volatility title, and has a hit rate of 32.23%. The minimum accepted bet is 0.10, and maximum accepted bet is 10.00 per spin.

Team Up Power Ups

The special features of Diamond Force are simple and easy to understand, yet satisfying to witness in action. As already said; the 4 heroes also each occupy 4 stacked spaces on the reels. But, when their images appear on the reels with all 4 symbol blocks visible, the bonuses start to fall into place.

A Team Up special occurs when 3 heroes appear on the reels, fully displayed. The multipliers hidden behind each hero come into play, and will be added to the win for that spin. The payouts can be enormous, depending on which hero teams up with which other hero.

When 3 of the heroes stand together, combined with a Bonus, that’s when the Team Up Bonus is triggered, and things really get cooking. The multiplier and base payout amount will be decided by the heroes, while the number of free spins will be determined by the Bonus. 3 or more spins can be awarded, with up to a 5x multiplier. Payouts are heroic.

Get Heroic Online

Become part of a team of superheroes in Diamond Force any time from the 14th of April onwards. Be sure to bring your cape and your tights, as they are standard attire for heroic spinning of the reels. Or don’t, and have fun spinning the reels anyway!

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