Real Roulette with Bailey Wows Players

The real Bailey awaits you at the tableSource: Microgaming

People have been playing Roulette and online Blackjack for hundreds of years now, which says a lot about the nature of these games. The fact that Real Dealer Studios and other top-level development brands are still coming up with new variations for them speaks to the soundness of the underlying principles for each. Real Roulette with Bailey, which went live on January the 20th, is one of the first in a groundbreaking line of titles by Real Dealer Studios that merges Hollywood-movie-type cinematography with state-of-the-art RNG gameplay. The result? A luxurious gameplay experience unlike any other one currently available on the market.

Thanks to a little cinematic magic, Bailey, the ever-charming dealer for the game, looks like she’s interacting with players in a one-on-one fashion, exactly like she would at an exclusive land-based casino!

An Engaging Way To Play

The Real Roulette with Bailey concept will differ from casino to casino, making it even more like a playing session at a top land-based venue, and relies on a professional actor, director, post-production crew. Scenes are delivered with industry-leading visuals and incredible sound quality due to a game-engine powerful enough to combine fluid gameplay with seamless video-streaming.

With bet limits ranging from 0.25 to 125, the game is open to everyone. It loads quickly on a range of different devices and players will be able to resume their play if they get interrupted. Enjoy landscape or portrait view on a smartphone or tablet, or get utterly immersed in a rich audio-visual environment playing Real Roulette with Bailey on PC.

Based on standard European Roulette, wins of as much as 65 500 are possible and there’s a healthy RTP of 97.3% in place.

Fabulous Features

First up in terms of features are Racetrack Bets, accessible via the button of the same name. This will allow players to play with a different bet layout in place and also lets them use unique betting options.

Players can personalise the Real Roulette with Bailey gameplay experience with Favourite Bets, adding up to 6 of the different wagers that use most often so theycan deploy them with a simple touch of a button.

In Favourites Mode, choose from 10 of the most popular stake configurations, including 007, Orphelins, Random 7, Red or Black Splits or Voisins du Zéro, and Statistics will give inside information on the game. Players can view data on the previous 100 spins of the wheel too, like hot and cold Numbers and hit percentages for individual numbers, red ones, black ones, odd and even ones, halves, thirds, columns, and zero.

The Magic Makers

Real Dealer Studios is a brand-new company focusing on game development in the online arena. Their goal is to deliver a totally new type of experience to players in this sector and, thanks to a partnership they’ve entered into with world-renowned Microgaming, they’re doing exactly what they promised they would!

VIP Treatment at River Belle Casino

Real Roulette with Bailey is provided in 32 different languages and offers River Belle Casino players the chance to place a maximum bet of 54 500. We are proud to be part of this thrilling new concept in games that uses top-quality and expertly directed performances.

The incredible quality of the streaming video sees Bailey able to welcome player to her luxury casino with a beautiful smile, call out for bets to increase the adrenaline-pumping action, and offer friendly, funny commentary as the excitement builds as each round unfolds. Experienced players are going to love the brilliant bonus features Real Dealer Studios has seen fit to include in Real Roulette with Bailey, too. Favourite, Racetrack, and Special Bets add the possibility to really speed up gameplay, allowing them to make decisions even quicker than they would be able to in real life.

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