Review Of The New Apple iPhone SE

iPhone in action Source: Pexels

As the winter follows the summer, the moon follows the sun, and the tides retreat only to return again, so does Apple release a new iPhone. The technology mega-corporation have, to a semi-interested public, released the iPhone SE as their entry for 2020. Will it run mobile casino software better than ever? Will it send and receive messages in a new, revolutionary way? Will it make you finally want to replace the perfectly functional iPhone you still have from several years ago?

Let’s take a look. Here is a brief review of the iPhone SE, and a suggestion as to whether is worth your time and money. Spoiler, it probably isn’t.

Another iPhone

If you’re the kind of person that runs out and buys a new iPhone once a year, there probably isn’t much that will make you change your mind. You’re likely already in possession of an iPhone SE, and are waving it in the faces of friends and family as you read this.

On the other hand, if you’re the type of person that needs to be impressed before you shell out huge stacks of cash for the latest iteration of a tired series of gadgets, then you’re probably eyeballing the iPhone SE with more than a touch of healthy scepticism.

For that second group of people, we have some good news. The iPhone SE falls into the category of ‘identical to a previous iPhone, but with a new chip.’ Which is to say you can safely put your wallet back in your pocket and rest easy that your current phone is still very much up to date.

A iPhone 8 With A New Chip

The iPhone SE is almost identical to the iPhone 8, in both visual design and capability. This means that you can expect the same 4.7-inch screen, the same IPS LCD Retina display, True Tone colours, and the exact same body design as has been in production for five generations. The battery is also expected to last the same amount of time, when taking into account the same usage statistics.

The only real change that has occurred is the replacing of a single chip, switching out the A11 chip with a newer A13 Bionic chip. You know it’s an improvement because they added a higher number, and the word Bionic.

The new Bionic power has been harnessed to up the capability of the camera, adding a few new features. The 12-megapixel camera can now make use of Smart HDR, which is, according to the Apple marketing team, really neat. It will combine multiple identical pictures, taken via the photo burst system, and combine them to create one really good picture.

Additionally, there is also something called monocular depth sensing, which when used to take portraits, is also really neat. Lastly, the camera can now take stabilised 60fps 4K video.

With all that being said, would you seriously want an iPhone SE?

New iPhone SESource: Pexels

A Cheap Alternative

The short answer is that, in all seriousness, the iPhone SE is a steppingstone model. It is clearly a mildly touched up version of a previous model, with no major improvements of any kind. What it does offer, though, is a lower price tag than many other current smartphones. If you have an iPhone that is getting a little long in the tooth and want to upgrade but not break the bank in the process, this isn’t a bad option.

The 64GB version is rather affordable at US$399, while even the versions with more storage are reasonable. 128GB of storage will set you back US$449, and 256GB goes for US$549. It need not be said, though, that there are cheaper smartphones out there with comparable specs, but those who prefer to stick to the Apple brand name may consider this a decent upgrade.

Additionally, keep in mind that virtually everything that worked for an iPhone 8 also applies to the SE. This includes battery chargers, covers, and wireless charging ports. So, taking a step from the 8 to the SE might be the smart thing to do, since you’d be saving a fortune on already gathered accessories. Alternatively, you could just stick with the iPhone 8, and save your money.

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