2020’s Hottest Upcoming Video Game Releases

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If you’re a gamer, you’ll already know that 2020 is set to be a pretty big year for the video game industry. Though some will, of course, be happy playing at a mobile casino on their smartphone, as the entertainment factor is always premium, and the chance to win big ever present!

But for those who prefer the bigger, more expansive games; not only is the new console generation set to be rolled out, but there are also several major titles slated for release. From expansive cyberpunk worlds to one of the most anticipated sequels in industry history, this is our list for the most anticipated video game releases of 2020.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy is one of those franchises that seems to have been going on for infinity. But, although we are currently sitting at the 15th iteration, fans of the series have long declared that the peak was somewhere back around VII. This is likely why Square Enix, the franchise creators, decided to head back to that era, and put together a Final Fantasy VII remake.

Now, your first thought might be that doing a modern version of a 120-hour game would be somewhat of a tall order, and you’d be correct in thinking that. After all, recreating the whole of Final Fantasy VII with modern graphics sounds like nothing short of an impossible task. Or at least one that might take several decades.

This is exactly why the Final Fantasy VII remake is being released in episodes. Smart move on the part of Square Enix. Either way, the remake is going live on April 10th, 2020. Initial launch will be on PS4, but rumours are that a PC version will be released a year later.

Cyberpunk 2077

You knew it would be on this list, and here it is; Cyberpunk 2077. You probably already know all about this hotly anticipated game that is due out at some point in September 2020 on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Simply put; when the groundbreaking team that created industry darling Witcher 3 turn their attention to a futuristic setting, complete with creepy cyborgs and dystopian horrors, you have a recipe for something truly incredible.

Yes, there is a chance this RPG game will not live up to expectations. But if anyone can make this work, it is CDprojekt Red, who many consider as the guiding light of the modern video game industry. Rightly so, given that other AAA studios seem happy jacking up microtransactions, while CDprojekt Red seems firmly committed to breaking boundaries with next level gaming magic.

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Last Of Us 2

Naughty Dog are more or less industry royalty at this point, and rightly so. Their Uncharted franchise is nothing short of wizardry, somehow managing to make the modestly powered PS4 capable of things other developers wouldn’t dream of attempting. Besides Uncharted, The Last Of Us also managed to wow gamers, weaving a deeply intimate relationship into a zombie apocalypse setting.

 Though, the end of Last Of Us was deeply controversial, having central character Joel make some extremely polarising decisions. Last Of Us 2 is set to continue the story of Ellie, Joel’s surrogate daughter, who continues her journey through a world torn apart by zombies. Sorry, clickers; zombies with plant growths on their faces. Last Of Us 2 is set for release on PS4 on May 29th 2020.

Halo: Infinite

Last on our list is Halo: Infinite. The Halo series has gone through some ups and downs, with many considering the most recent entries somewhat of a let-down. But now hope has been rekindled, with Halo: Infinite heading to Xbox One and PC in October 2020.

343 Industries are calling the game a soft reboot, likely keen on distancing themselves from the previous entry, which was universally declared as underwhelming. Shocker; Master Chief is back, somehow still kicking after mowing down more alien baddies than a normal human could shake a stick at. The trailer hasn’t presented much to latch onto. Though more revealing trailers are likely to be released heading up to official release. Chances are that more alien baddies are going to be mowed down, which is not unexpected. But under what circumstances they’ll be mowed down is what makes it also so tantalising and interesting.

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