Why Mobile Keno is Tops

Why Mobile Keno is TopsThe ancient peoples who first played Keno in China had no idea that one day, instead of a pigeon bringing you the Keno results tied to its leg, you will instead be playing your own personal Keno game on a hand held portable device.

Fortunately, we find ourselves in the future where we can play online, real money Keno games on our iPhone, Android Smartphone, Tablets or other mobile devices.

The Basics Of Keno

The basic gameplay of Keno has not changed in hundreds of years. What has kept the game so popular is this simplicity as well as the great winnings odds that feature in most Keno games.

Keno is very similar to lotto games. It shares many of the same principles along with the popularity.

Starting A Game

Keno starts with a selection of 80 possible numbers, from 1-80. You must select the numbers you consider to be your lucky numbers. You can pick anywhere from 1 to 15 numbers.

The more numbers you pick, the bigger your winning potential. A single correct pick usually results in a 3 to 1 pay out, while multiple correct picks can pay out a big jackpot.

After the Keno players have selected their lucky numbers, it is time for the draw. In Mobile Keno, the game’s Random Number Generator software will now pick 20 of the 80 potential winning numbers.

If you have any of the selected numbers, you can win a pay out. The rewards are determined by the amount of matched numbers you have chosen and the particular Keno game’s pay out rate.

The Difference With Mobile Keno

Mobile Keno keeps the tradition of the original games alive. It plays in the same with some variations depending on the game developers.

The biggest difference is that you aren’t buying a physical ticket and checking the numbers by hand.

Instead mobile Keno allows you to purchase a digital ticket and the game can automatically mark the drawn Keno numbers on your ticket for you, making each game quick and convenient.

Why Play Mobile Keno

Mobile Keno lets you have your Keno fun whenever and wherever. You can take out your phone and quickly access your River Belle Casino account.

Then click on your ticket purchase button and cross your fingers that your picks will be the lucky numbers.

Mobile Keno is making the game even more popular than it ever was. Join in the fun with River Belle casino and find out why for yourself!

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