Food Names Everyone Gets Wrong

How to pronounce croissants Source: Pixabay

Ever sit down to at the breakfast table, coffee in one hand, croissant in the other, and your mobile device primed for an early morning game of pokies? Wait. Hold on a sec. Croissant. How did you say it? Chances are, you probably just mispronounced it. No, we’re serious, chances are high you’ve been mispronouncing the word your whole life. Don’t believe us? Then it’s a good thing that you’re reading this, because there happen to be 14 more food names you’ve also probably been saying wrong too!


It’s got shellfish and chicken, is served with rice, and happens to be delicious. It’s also Spanish, which means that, if you didn’t already know, the L’s aren’t what they seem. The name if this dish is actually pronounced pie-yay-ah. If you’re embarrassed about this, just wait, the really embarrassing ones are coming up. Yes, we all thought it was pah-yeh-lah.

Worcestershire Sauce

You’ve probably had it in one or another dish, and know it well. Who can forget such a tangy, fermented taste? But the real question is, have you been pronouncing it correctly. If you say woos-tuhr-shur, then yes. If you thought there was a chuh sound in there, don’t worry, so did many of us.


You wouldn’t want to make a curry without it. This Eastern spice has recently blown up in popularity, which doesn’t necessarily mean anyone can pronounce it correctly. Ter-muh-rihk is how you should be saying it, with the first r sounding out nice and clear.


Who doesn’t love a good daiquiri? Citrus and rum go together like peanut butter and jam. But we wouldn’t blame you for getting the name wrong, since that jumble of letters is strange to anyone who isn’t from Cuba. Dah-kih-ree is the right way to say it, now go forth and order one!

Filet Mignon

The tender cut of meat that melts in your mouth. But is the pronunciation also melting in your mouth? Fee-lay-min-yon. Regardless if you can or can’t pronounce it, the steak doesn’t stop being incredible.


This one is a little strange, because finding anyone that knows that the l in almond is supposed to be silent is probably a mission in futility. It’s supposed to be ah-mund. Again, we wouldn’t feel too bad about this one, since the l is so commonly pronounced it might as well be standard.


Take some potato wedges and top with a layer of breadcrumbs and cheese. Delicious? You better believe it. But guess what, you’ve probably been putting the emphasis in the wrong place for your entire life. It is not, in fact, grah-tin as your brain is suggesting. This is a French dish, so the emphasis is where the t sits. It is grah-than, with a drawn out ah.


If you’ve been to a social gathering and dipped something into a dip, the chances are pretty high that the dip was hummus. Made from chickpeas and adding just the right amount of tang to a snack, who doesn’t love it? Many like to say hum-uhs, but this is wrong. It is in fact hoom-uhs. Are you cheeks getting a little red by now? It’s going to get worse, we warn you…


We meant it’s going to get worse right now, as a matter of fact. Croissants are loved virtually around the world, and also happen to be one of the most mispronounced food names. If you’ve been saying kroo-sant, you’ve been doing it wrong, sorry to say. The t is silent, in this case. Yes, French is a notoriously difficult to properly pronounce language. It is kwah-sahn.

Parmesan Cheese

If you haven’t put Parmesan cheese on your pasta before, then what exactly have you been doing with your life? Furthermore, this one really is rather tricky. Most probably assume they have been getting right, rolling off an elegant pah-muh-jahn. But no, sorry to say you won’t be getting any Italian brownie points with that. It is par-muh-zahn, with a solid z in there.


Most seem to have this one down, but it never hurts to be sure. It isn’t sah-kee, it is sah-kay, with two distinct syllables. Maybe you earned back some dignity here, so you’re welcome. If you didn’t, sorry, you can still drink it, few really care.

Moët And Chandon

You’ve probably had some and even avoided saying the name out loud. Here, learn, and proudly declare it at the next New Years party. Mo-wet and shan-don. NOT moot and chan-don.

Pinot Noir

If you’ve ordered it to impress a date smirking to yourself at how sophisticated you seem, better hope you got the name right. It’s an odd one, so no shame. Pee-noh nwahr is correct. Pee-noh-nee-or is wrong.

How to say nougat Source: Pixabay


All we’re going to say is that the t is silent. Everything else you probably got right. Noo-gah.


Lastly, we have the delicious Hawaiian dish of raw fish, and here you may just earn those points you lost earlier back once again. At least if you play Pokémon that is. Yes, it’s the same as the poké in Pokémon. Poh-kay that is, not po-kee!

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