The Martingale System and Roulette

In the world of casino games there are two types of people; those who make random, spontaneous bets, and those who take the game seriously, and closely follow a betting strategy. There is, of course, nothing wrong with making spontaneous casino game bets, and they can be a great deal of fun and excitement. It need not be said, however, that a person who makes random casino bets is a great deal less likely to walk away with more cash, especially in the long run.

Those that follow betting strategies know that casino games are best approached with a plan. Following a strategy will always result in more wins, and more often than not also result in the player walking away with a great deal more money in their pockets. Casino strategies can be very complicated and difficult to follow, especially those for blackjack. In fact, blackjack strategy guides can all but be dozens of pages long. It is a complicated game; a sound strategy requires a lot of information.

But not every game requires an enormous strategy guide, and some strategies are incredibly simple. Let’s take a look at the Martingale betting strategy for roulette, which can be learned in just a few sentences, and gives surprisingly good results.

Understanding Roulette

Most are aware of how to play the game of roulette. It is a simple game on the surface, and a person can grasp the rules in a just a minute or two. The basic concept is that the wheel spins, the white ball lands in a pocket, and the player places bets on which pocket the ball might land in. It is a game of prediction, and simple to understand.

The roulette betting table is where the game gets more complicated. There are a number of straightforward bets available; allowing the player to bet on which exact pocket the ball will land in. But, the table also allows for a number of combination bets. The important aspect of the game is that a person is not limited to one bet per spin, which opens up a world of possibilities.

Placing smart roulette bets can cover a great deal of the betting table, minimising the chances of losing, and maximising the chances of making a profit. Many strategy guides help players place bets with the best possible odds of winning. These guides are available online for free, and a player can get started trying them.

Patience Is Key

But there is a major rule for playing roulette well that every newbie should be aware of; roulette is a game of patience. Winning money in roulette generally happens over a number of spins, and requires that the player be patient, and not get tempted to chase losses. The Martingale Strategy is a perfect example of this. Let’s take a closer look at it now.

Red or Black

The Martingale Strategy works in the following manner; the player places a bet on either red or black, lets so one unit of currency, and, for example, say that the bet is on black. If the spin comes up as black, the player takes the one unit that will have been one, and puts one unit back on black.

If the spin came up as red, the player has lost, but comes back simply by now placing two units on red. If the second spin is a win, the player takes the two units that will have been won, and again puts a single unit back on red.

In other words, if the player loses they double the bet, and if they win, the take the winnings, and return to one unit. The bet is always doubled, each time a loss occurs. It’s as simple as strategies get, but also happens to be genius in its simplicity. Very simply; the loss is always counted for and won back by doubling the bet. And, of course, the player must always stick to one color.

This simple betting strategy has all the core elements of how a player can win consistently at casino games, although if the Martingale does eventually collapse, if 5 losses are suffered in a row. Up until this happens, however, the player can keep winning.

Does The Martingale System Work?

Very simply put, the Martingale System does indeed work. It is a simple but elegant solution to the odds involved in roulette, and holds a slightly less than 50% chance of winning with each spin, depending on if a European or American roulette wheel is used.

But if the system is so basic, and works, why doesn’t everyone use it? As already said, the system will eventually collapse, and the player will suffer a big loss. The Martingale System also offers a less than 50% chance to win, which is not high as far as betting strategies go. There are betting strategies for roulette that offer much higher chances of winning.

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