Live Casino Games Vs. Land Based Casino Games

Thanks to the advancement of technology, online casino software developers are coming up with increasingly creative ways to enhance the digital gaming experience.

Whilst online gaming is a popular choice, it is also true that many patrons still prefer to frequent physical brick and mortar, land based casinos.  Surprisingly enough, this does not only apply to the older generations, but especially to millennials.  Millennials have an acute and constant need for social interaction and stimulation.  Online casino gaming does not seem to serve this purpose quite as well as its land-based “I can touch and feel and experience” counterpart. But now live dealer games have come to the fore, and an increasing number of people are discovering that playing online can be just like the real thing!

Live Casino Games Vs. Land Based Casino Games

Advantages of Live Dealer Games

It is hard to beat the real live gambling experience when it comes to casino games, but with live dealer games it’s a pretty close race. These games bridge the gap between playing in a land-based casino and online, and open up a whole new world to players.

If you look at what players must do to visit a live casino you have to consider geographical location, getting to the casino, opening times, food, drink, tips and so on. With live dealer games you get a real live dealer in your living room, 24/7. And your fridge is right near by.

Additionally, if the live dealer tables are full you probably won’t wait long for a place to open up, and many of the games allow you to bet on the current action, so you still have a chance to win big.

A Social Experience

For many players the social aspect of gaming is a big thing, and live dealer games have made sure that they have included this too. There’s a chat function that allows you to talk to other players and the dealer, so you’ll feel like you are in the room with everyone else. But, if someone is a bit annoying, you can mute them!

Playing live dealer games is intended to mimic playing in a real casino- only with added perks.

The Future

It is safe to say that there will always be a place for land based casinos and that live dealer games will never replace them entirely. However they certainly are an interactive and exciting way to enjoy a realistic and highly authentic experience on your computer or smartphone. With AR and VR technology also evolving at a rapid pace, you can bet that these live dealer games will only get better.. Hologram Roulette anyone?

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