Intuition Versus Strategy At Casino Games

There is a classic stereotypical movie character, normally a grizzled old cop, who seems to never stop talking about his gut, and how it apparently has some sort of precognitive fortune telling ability.

“Something’s wrong here, I can feel it in my gut,” he will mutter, “Keep on your toes.”

He will also often demand that other characters make life and death decisions based on his gut, and undoubtedly mention that it has saved him many times in the past. Other characters, generally younger than the grizzled cop and inflicted with wet behind the ear syndrome, will be sceptical, and who can blame them, since having a drinking disorder is another characteristic associated with grizzled cop stereotypes.

Yes, I’m referring to intuition, if that wasn’t clear, in a lovably facetious manner. And, you likely already know, some people take intuition incredibly seriously. In my own experience my intuition is not overly reliable, and can often insist that I’ll get robbed in the night, and my expensive computer stolen, if I don’t make absolutely sure that the door is locked. Or is that paranoia?

Intuition Reality

In all seriousness, intuition is a real, tangible thing. It seems that some folks really do have what seems to be a sixth sense about things, and will make extremely sharp decisions based on nothing but a hunch. But is this really some sort of near paranormal ability, or something else?

In turns out that the brain is the root of all this, as is often the case, and one need not apply the paranormal to find an explanation. Don’t jump to the paranormal for your explanations, kids, there are almost always far more logical explanations. In the case of intuition it is expected that the mind learns from watching events unfold, and recognises the patterns of these events. And, when spotting similar circumstances, will throw up a red flag, even if one is not specifically asked for. And so, what you have, is a warning that seems to come from nowhere.

The trick is, of course, that just because your sneaky brain is capable of recognising patterns, it doesn’t mean that it is always going to make correct assessments.

Intuition In Casino Games

I’ll just come right out and say it; I wouldn’t be overly reliant on intuition as far as casino games are concerned. In fact, I’d take a good strategy guide ten times out of ten. Why? Well, logic tells me that trusting my subconscious brain in a situation where money is involved, and the lure of winning ever present, is a really bad idea. I’ll take a tried and trusted strategy over a skittish, easily dazzled brain any day of the week.

Some of you out there might now be insisting that your intuition is very reliable, and I envy you for that. But in my personal experience very little compares to a guide created by those who have crunched the numbers, and come up with logical solutions. I suppose it may be that I’m awful at maths, which stunts my intuition as far as casino games are concerned, and I guess my casino game intuition may be a great deal more reliable if I was, say, a mathematician. Who knows?

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Understanding The Game

I’d put money on the fact that intuition in casino games likely becomes a great deal more reliable when you’ve practised the game for hundreds of hours. And this, of course, makes a great deal of sense. When your brain has been working on the same casino game for so long, that you’re practically dreaming about strategy in your sleep, your grey matter is probably far more likely to toss out hints, even when not asked for.

But I’d say this sort of thing starts happening when you’ve already studied the strategy guides from back to front, and understand the game on a very deep level. A beginner, on the other hand, I would think is much less likely to have good intuition. Obvious, right?

Stick To The Guides

So I’d say, unless you’re verging on casino game genius level, that a strategy guide is the way you want to go. I still have friends who insist that following a strategy guide ruins the fun of casino games, and I absolutely support their decisions to head into casino games unarmed. I also, of course, scoff at them when they tell me about any bad losses they suffered.

I’m joking, of course. I do understand the desire to play casino games is on the fly, and it can be a great deal of fun. But, if you’re looking to improve and start raking in more cash, hit the books and start learning. No one ever got better at anything without making a concerted effort to get better, right?

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