Interesting Places to Play Casino Games

Las Vegas, appropriately donned Sin City, boasts a huge variety of interesting places to gamble, as well as one slot machine for every eight of its residents. But for those seeking something extra, the Las Vegas Stratosphere, the tallest building west of the Mississippi, also boasts four fairground rides that allow the adventurous punter to gamble with their life. Included is the X-Scream, a rollercoaster over a 1000ft above street level, and the Big Shot, a pneumatic ride that rises and plummets like a Third World currency market.

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

In a city famous for interesting and sometimes odd architecture, the Marina Bay Sands Hotel and casino still manages to stand out, even being instantly recognizable on the flight in. Visitors to this six star resort are advised to enjoy one of the city’s eponymous cocktails, (although the famous Singapore Sling was invented at the historic Raffles Hotel, a mere 5 star establishment, down the road) from the hotel’s infinity pool, which gives the impression of flowing, endlessly, over the edge of the 35th floor.

Louisiana River Boats

The iconic riverboats were not just for show. State law prohibits gambling in Louisiana, but not including on the Mississippi itself, which naturally is not considered part of the state territory since it is really only passing through. Playing on a riverboat, especially one of the old fashioned paddle steamers, is a once in a lifetime experience and it’s something that should be tried by every gaming enthusiast. Many of these ships are beautifully decorated and you can enjoy a leisurely cruise down the river whilst playing your favourite games.

A Tokyo Laundry

Since it is illegal to play Pachinko for money, Pachinko Parlours in Tokyo masquerade as laundries, and in some cases even feature real washing machines that are in use. If you happen to win you’ll be given a laundry token, which they’ll happily exchange for real money at the convenience store next door.

Mobile Opportunities

Mobile casinos have made it so much easier to play anywhere, anytime and this opens the door to a whole new world of locations you can enjoy your favourite games in. From the top of a mountain in Rio to the back of a camel whilst traipsing through the Egyptian desert, the options of interesting places to play are almost unlimited.

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