How Virtual Reality Works

Many are already eager to jump into the world of virtual reality casino games, and word is that fully immersive VR versions of poker are already in the making. These games are being designed to be so lifelike that your brain is fooled into thinking they are real, and if this doesn’t sound like an incredible experience, we don’t know what does. Imagine having a friendly blackjack tournament with a few friends in the middle of Las Vegas. And no, we don’t mean in a casino in Las Vegas, we mean in the streets, with the city stretching out around you. In VR, this is entirely possible.

But we all know that virtual reality is an amazing experience already. What some of us might not know is exactly how it works. And yes, virtual reality is some pretty advanced technology. It wasn’t developed overnight; it took many years, with many industry professionals working on it. The whole concept only really became feasible recently as technology took some amazing leaps and bounds. Some may recall that there was a brief virtual reality explosion a decade or so ago, but it fizzled out quickly given that the technology was still so limited at the time. Let’s have a look at what goes into modern virtual reality systems.

For Your Eyes Only

The most prominent part of a set of virtual reality goggles is how they interface with your eyes, which stands to reason. When you look into a set of goggles you are given the illusion of space, or that you are standing in a location that has real depth. This is not an easy effect to create by any stretch of the imagination, and took a great deal of time to master. Many may recall that in days of old 3D, movies required a pair of red and blue glasses, which was a form of 3D technology. Today that technology has advanced, and can now be achieved without the setback of seeing the world filtered through colours.

Virtual reality goggles display two images, one to each eye, and where these images are positioned is essential. If either image is off even by a few millimetres the effect can be ruined, and result in the user getting headaches and experiencing nausea, which is not a good time for anyone involved. For this reason the lenses in virtual reality goggles are adjustable, and it is highly recommended that a user adjusts the images manually to their eyes, before playing. If the adjustments are correct the image will be clear and appear in convincing 3D, with a world that feels like it has depth and space.

Headset Interface

A virtual reality headset does not create the images, but only receives and processes images fed directly to it. In the case of the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift the images are fed via an HDMI cable. So, it is the computer that is doing the bulk of the work, with the headset tasked only with correctly displaying the images to your eyes. That’s not to say that the headset isn’t an incredibly complicated and powerful piece of hardware.  After all, it is no small task displaying two high definition images to your eyes, and tracking the movements of your head simultaneously.

In the case of headsets such as the Samsung VR Gear the image being displayed is processed by your mobile phone. The headset itself consists of nothing but a framework for your phone to fit into, and lenses that display each half of the phone correctly to your eyes. It is also the motion tracking ability of your phone that allows the image to move depending on where you turn your head. The experience is a great deal less immersive with the Samsung VR Gear for this reason.

Headset Comfort

One of the most important aspects of a headset is that it sits comfortably on your head. It is often overlooked how bulky it can feel having something strapped to your face, and designing headsets to feel natural was one of the many hurdles developers had to overcome. After all, online virtual reality poker would be a great deal less immersive if you felt like you had a toaster on your face. The design of a virtual reality headset is to have weight distributed as equally as is possible, with multiple straps that don’t put too much weight on just one part of your head. For the most part, a person can quickly forget they are wearing anything at all.

But knowing how VR works is not half as impressive as experiencing it yourself. That remark we made about playing poker in the streets of a virtual Las Vegas is possible, and similar things are sure to be accessible in the very near future. The virtual reality revolution is hitting online casinos, and we hope to see you there!

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