How To Avoid Being A Bonus Abuser

Online casinos offer some extraordinarily generous bonuses. Some are so large and generous that they defy belief. But then, one of the main reasons online casinos are so popular is the very presence of these amazing bonuses. Big bonuses attract players, but the risk always remains of unscrupulous players abusing a bonus system, or trying to take advantage of it.

You may say that bonuses are the responsibility of the casino, and if a bonus can be abused, it is an issue that casino itself should deal with.  But just because a promotional offer is given, it doesn’t give players the right to try and abuse it in absolutely every way possible.

Rules For a Reason

Every online casino bonus comes with a set of rules. Following the rules is straightforward, and always very clearly stated when the bonus is accepted. First, read the rules carefully and be sure you understand them. If you break the rules, even unknowingly, it is in the casino’s right to refuse giving you future bonuses. They may even refuse to allow you to withdraw any winnings made with the bonus cash. Simply put; rules are rules.

Second; it’s never a good idea to try and find loopholes in the rules, and exploit them. Some loophole exploiters will often even call foul when the casino refuses future business with them, regardless of the fact that the person has gone well out of their way to try and take advantage. A casino is a business, and no business would greet you with open arms after you’ve tried to take advantage of them.


Casinos have a special name for people who try and take advantage of wager requirements; grinders. After accepting a deposit bonus, and being aware of the wager requirements, a grinder will simply make a few big bets in a game such as poker, earn some cash, then burn through the remaining wager requirement at the absolute lowest betting amount needed. This is generally done on a slot game at the minimum bet setting. After which, all the cash in the account, including the initial deposit and the bonus money, is withdrawn and the player is never seen again.

This is technically within the rules of a wager requirement, but it is still pushing the limits. As previously said, a casino has the right to refuse future business with a player, and will do so if they see a player actively abusing a bonus system. Keeping in mind that any online casino is very unlikely to be tyrannically strict about such things. If they see a player repeatedly ‘grinding’ out wager requirements every second day, however, they may just say enough is enough.

Ship Jumpers

A ‘ship jumper’ refers to a player who cashes in their account the moment bonus requirements are met. They are not necessarily ‘grinders,’ but are clearly only waiting for specific requirements to be met before taking every cent, leaving the casino, and not returning. At least, not returning until a new promotional offer is in effect. Again, a casino is unlikely to raise an eyebrow if you do this once in a blue moon. But repeated ‘ship jumping’ in a very short space of time says to a casino that you are not there to play the games, just to grab as much cash as possible and run.

How To Avoid Abuse Warnings

If an online casino suspects you are behaving in a way that only aims to take advantage, they may give a warning. Nobody likes receiving a warning, especially if you feel you haven’t been taking advantage in any way. The bottom line is that online casinos are really only looking to not be taken advantage of. If you are not trying to take advantage, there is nothing to worry about. If, however, you are on a one man mission to loot casinos of as much cash as possible, expect to be getting a warning soon.

Regardless, here are some tips to avoid a casino issuing you an abuse warning. Don’t cash out your account the bonus requirements are met. Play a few more rounds, and cash out a little later. And, don’t play only the lowest wagers possible when meeting a wager requirement.

Alternatively, just play at your favourite online casino, have as much fun as possible, and don’t join any casino with the explicit intention of trying to take advantage. If you’re not doing any of these things, you should be okay and not have any problems. If you have received a warning and feel it isn’t accurate, simply contact the customer support centre and discuss the mater. 9 times out of 10 it was part of an automated system, and the casino will likely apologise.

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