Enter A New Era With Our 2020 Horoscope

2020 HoroscopeSource: Piqsels

As a new year rolls in it helps to take a moment, look back, and take stock. We can pretty much guarantee that in the last year there were ups, downs, and unexpected twists. Perhaps you found a new love, or reconnected with an old flame. Maybe you won big at a mobile casino, or went on an epic holiday. Or you fell out of love, stayed home and ate too many tubs of ice cream…

But of course, 2019 has come to a close, along with an entire decade. So, as much as the previous year deserves reflection, the new decade is now where you should be turning your attention. On that note, take a look at what the stars say about what you can expect from 2020 in love, health, and wealth. 


Capricorn, 2020 is going to be a journey. It may not always be a pretty journey, but such is the reality of life. Though, the good news is that the journey has a truly happy ending.

As far as relationships are concerned, those that are most important to you are set to flourish, even beyond where they are now. If it was commitment you were looking for, this may just be the year.

As far as wealth is concerned, the ticket in 2020 is going to be learning that you need to love what you do. In order for money to flow freely, you need to find a source in which your heart is invested.


It is a big year, Aquarius, very possibly one that will shape your life forever. The universe has big plans, and those plans are about to start coming together.

As far as relationships go, it is also a big year. ‘Love of your life’ territory awaits, and won’t be ignored. It will require being a bit flexible, but then such things always do.

Your strengths are where you should be focusing in terms of wealth. Remember what you’re good at, and where you shine, then throw everything you have into that niche.


2020 is the year that you will finally achieve that emotional goal, Pisces. You didn’t think it was possible, but it is, because you gave it your all and persevered.

In terms of relationships, a new flame, either as a new love interest or a new angle on an existing relationship is set to blossom.

In the wealth department your biggest enemy will be procrastination. Be sure to grab hold of opportunities when they present themselves, which will likely result in big rewards.


You like being the leader of the pack, Aries, and 2020 is moving towards putting you in that exact position. Ease into the role confidently, and know that you are capable of the challenge at hand.

In your love life, 2020 is about letting go of old relationships. Remember; moving on is never a bad thing, and sometimes setting something free is better than smothering it.

It is a turning point for your career, Aries. You know there have been some setbacks and some ruts. But now is the time to progress and reach for new avenues of wealth.


It is time to finally find those greener pastures, Taurus. With those greener pastures come a sense of rejuvenation in all areas of your life, and you’re ready to welcome the personal evolution.

It is also a big time for your love life, both in the existing and new department. Remember to focus on the aspect of a relationship that is most important, enjoyment.

Those greener pastures likely involve a new job, or opportunity. So in your pursuit for wealth, be sure to consider previously unexplored avenues.


You’re on a role, Gemini, and might think you’re reaching the end of the rewards. You aren’t; there is more yet to come if you keep playing your cards right.

Wherever your love life stands, know that it will also be stepping it up to a new level. A very new level. An engagement might be on the cards, if love already exists.

As far as wealth is concerned, it is time to plant seeds that will deliver fruit later down the line. Consider where you are most likely to find success.


Change is coming, Cancer, whether you like it or not. The trick is to try and shape the change how you would prefer, rather than submitting to it. Not an easy task, but one that can be managed.

Change is also inevitable in your relationship. But, it will not occur passively; you need to take the bull by the horns in this regard.

Your career also needs that confidence. If you want the wealth you’re dreaming about now is the time to take action.

Tracking trends on an astrology chartSource: Piqsels


2020 is ripe for success, Leo, and the universe is backing you in that regard. If you have lofty goals that seemed impossible, now is the time to reach out and grab them.

It is set to be a major year in the romance department, so brace yourself. Expect big things, and embrace them when they arrive.

The wealth department is also set to explode, if you recognise the opportunity. An influential person is set to spot you and offer you a helping hand.


It is set to be an emotional year, Virgo, and that tends to make you uncomfortable. But understand that 2020 is about gaining control of those emotions, and not letting them hold you back.

Yes, it will be emotional due to the relationship aspect of your life, so you can expect much in this department. The words ‘soul mate’ are in the air.

It is also a year for networking if you want your career and wealth to blossom. Find groups that teach you what you need to know.


You are used to being a chameleon, Libra, as is the nature of life. But 2020 will see you learning to settle into one form. Appreciate that you may just be finding your ultimate niche.

You are also used to being a social butterfly, Libra, but again; settling into one role might be just what you need. Perhaps it is time to stop fluttering around?

The same theme applies here; second guessing yourself about wealth options isn’t going to land you any big prizes. You need to decide on a path.


Your complicated, convoluted master plan is finally taking shape, Scorpio, and you know what that means. It is also time to start following it. It almost seems too big to actually follow.

All those emotional relationships that have been brewing are about to reach a boiling point. Don’t worry, they will work out in your favour.

Education is key to wealth in 2020. Invest in learning and studying before you commit to practicing.


It is a year for self-improvement, Sagittarius. This is wonderful, but also involves taming demons. Remember; when those demons are tamed, they may work for you.

An old flame will almost certainly be re-entering your life in 2020. How you deal with this is up to you. Either it is a relationship that deserves a second shot, or it is the reason that your current relationship will be stronger. As far as wealth goes, you’ll need to expand your social circle in order to properly succeed. Don’t take for granted how valuable the knowledge of others can be.

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