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Initially introduced in the USA, Maggie Kuhn set up the first official home sharing programme in 1972. Later, during the 1980s, the trend expanded to the UK, and was put into motion by Nan Maitland, who launched the programme in London in 1993. Over the years, its occurrence has grown in leaps and bounds, so much so that many travellers are choosing the home sharing option before exploring lavish hotels. Let’s take a closer look.

Different Kinds of Home Sharing Options

Planning your next holiday but looking to save in terms of accommodation costs? These are the different home sharing options available to you:

Paid Rentals: As the name suggests, this refers to renting someone’s home, spare room, or even their guest house. In certain cases, home owners may offer additional perks like breakfast.

Couch Surfing: This is perfect for commuters who are looking for short term living options. If you’re not too concerned about extravagance, and if you’re just looking for a place to crash for a night or two, then opt for this alternative, and spend the night on someone’s couch –   for a small fee of course.

Hospitality Exchange: This allows you to exchange homes with another traveller. You’ll stay in your exchange partner’s home for a set period of time, while they stay with you at your home at a later date. Alternatively, you can swap homes with your exchange partner at the same time, for free.

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The Benefits of Home Sharing

There are many underlying benefits of home sharing that travellers are not even aware of. While reservations are the biggest deterring factor, many of these misgivings are based on reviews from a select few who have had a less than ideal encounter, and have written a poor review about this. However, it is very important to note that, very often, the individuals who have had seamless experiences, fail to post any reviews. Some of the biggest benefits of home sharing are:

Value for Money: Home sharing is extremely cost-effective; you could pay more than half of the rate charged at most prominent hotel establishments. This, in turn, frees up more funds for sightseeing, or other travelling expenses.

Establishes Entrepreneurs: Experts predict that the prominence of home sharing will see massive expansion rates, which creates the perfect business environment for aspiring entrepreneurs. The great thing about this market is that many entrepreneurs employ third party companies to cover administration and security issues related to home sharing, which means that you won’t have to worry about these concerns yourself.

Meet New People: Home sharing allows you the opportunity to interact and network with individuals from all around the world. You’ll become acquainted with different cultures, personalities, and social philosophies. You might even end up making life-long friends.

The Best Home Sharing Destinations

You’ll find home sharing options in almost every continent, from Asia and Africa, to the US and the UK. Home sharing came in handy in Gangeung, South Korea, as the region hosted a prominent sports event in 2018, which provided visitors with cheaper accommodation alternatives to make use of.  Bournemouth in the UK, is another popular destination which hosts many popular festivals from the arts to air festivals. This draws a lot of attendees who are looking for quick and easy short-term accommodation options. Indianapolis in the USA, is another prevalent attraction. The city has many highlights, and is home to the highly acclaimed restaurant called the Milktooth.

Final Thoughts

Home sharing has taken the hospitality industry by storm, and is fast becoming the most inexpensive and convenient way to travel. With so many options available to you, planning your next getaway has never been easier and cheaper!

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