Hearts of Fire Burning with Desire

As technology has progressed, so has the humble slot machine. What started as a single payline, three reel, and physical machine has turned a seriously technologically advanced computer system. What’s more, is with this jump in technology there has been a jump in the quality of graphics in these systems.

Gone are the days of a pixelated mess on the screen. Three dimensional slots are the newest thing, and players really seem to have latched on to the new experience that it brings. That said, appreciation of the classics is just as important as embracing the future of online casinos. This is where Burning Desire online slot comes in. With crisp, sharp graphics, classic symbols, a touch of flare and 243 Ways To Win, this slot ticks all of the boxes of an old school slot experience with a bit of a new age facelift.

The background for Burning Desire is a simple dark red with intricate vine patterns. Red and purple hearts abound and the name of the slot, Burning Desire, is literally on fire. You’ll be able to spot the paylines on the left and right side of the reels. There are 243 Ways To Win on this five reel machine.

At the bottom of the reel, players are given several betting options in a neon purple text. These include a coin number and amount adjustment as well as a bet max button. There is also an autoplay function and the player can select between a five times and ten times spin. There player’s coins, bet and available credits are also shown alongside the paytable button.

Classic Meets Modern

Fans of classic slot machines will not be disappointed with the symbols used in Burning Desire slot. The least valuable symbol is a red rose that is on fire. This obviously goes quite well with the love and fire theme of the slot. The rose pays out ten for three, one hundred for four and five hundred for five. The next symbol is an embossed bar symbol. This symbol pays twelve for three, one hundred and twenty five for four, and seven hundred and fifty for five.

The next classic symbol in this slot is the golden bell. The catch is this one is one fire. The bell pays fifteen for three, one hundred and fifty for four and fifteen hundred for five. Now we’re starting to get into the higher paying symbols. The red, orange and yellow flaming seven starts payouts at seven for two, and then goes up to twenty for three, two hundred for four and a whopping two thousand for five. The final symbol is a red and orange flaming diamond. This symbol pays twelve for two, thirty for three, three hundred for four and three thousand for five.

Burning Bonuses

And what would a Microgaming slot be without a bit of bonus action? There are two bonus features that you can utilise when playing Burning Desire. The first is triggered by the scatter and the second is purely at the player’s discretion.

The free spins bonus feature is activated when the player lands three, four or five of the golden coin scatter symbols. This will award the player fifteen free spins with a three times multiplier on wins.

The gambling feature can be activated after a win. If the player picks the correct colour or suit of the drawn card, they can double their money. Pick wrong and they lose it all.

Are you ready for a classic spin on a timeless subject? Satisfy those flames with Burning Desire!

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