A Guide To Live Dealer Casino Games

Live dealer online casinos are taking the world by storm, offering an online gambling experience like never before. Working via a high tech broadcasting system, live casinos stream video directly to players, allowing them to interact with a real casino game as it happens. The biggest benefit is, of course, that a croupier in real time operates the game.

No one is going to argue that live online casinos are amazing, but some might be a bit concerned about exactly how they work. It is, after all, a pretty big leap from a standard online roulette game, to one that involves a real roulette wheel, possibly located on the other side of the world. Thankfully, live casinos work very much in the same way as real world casinos.

Streaming Technology

Streaming high quality real time video to players on opposite sides of the planet is no small feat, and so, unfortunately, not everyone is going to be able to play. In order to access a live casino a player must have fast, reliable Internet, or the experience is not going to be optimal. It would certainly not be fun; after all, if your feed cut out right as the roulette ball was about to find a pocket.

As a guiding specification, streaming a live casino feed in HD requires an internet connection that is capable of downloading one megabyte a second. It’s a hefty requirement, but absolutely necessary. Thankfully, most live casinos offer lower quality feeds, which dramatically reduce bandwidth requirements. A medium quality feed will work with an Internet connection able to download about 750kbps.

There is also a low quality video option, which requires about a 500kbps download speed, but some may be unimpressed but how blurry the image appears. Either way, the first step to enjoying a live casino is ensuing that your Internet speed is up to standard.

Software Download

Some live dealer casinos require that software be downloaded to the PC, which will be used to access the live casino feeds. If this is the case, be sure to download the software and install it. In most cases the software is small and compact, requiring very little time to download and install.

The option is normally available, however, to access live casinos directly in a browser, such as Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. If any error messages are returned upon trying to access a live casino, be sure that your browser is completely up to date.

Playing Live Casino Games

Playing a live casino game is done in much the same way as a standard casino, as has already been mentioned. The most popular live casino games are live roulette, live baccarat, live blackjack, and live craps. In order to place a bet on the roulette game, for example, a person would simply indicate via the software where a bet should be placed. Keep in mind, however, that this is a live game, and the dealer will not wait specifically for you to place a bet he or she will spin the wheel when it is time, and if you miss the betting window, you will have to wait until the next opportunity becomes available.

In games like baccarat and craps, the player may bet on a game that they are not directly playing, which makes them perfect for a live casino situation. In games like blackjack, however, the player will be asked to make calls such as hit, stick, split, or whatever else they may want, so the experience is much more focused. Keep in mind what kind of experience you are looking for when deciding on a game.

Pit Boss

But hang on, standard casino games work on software which is incapable of making mistakes, and a live casino uses a real croupier, doesn’t this mean that mistakes are possible? Live casinos use the most professional croupiers available, and mistakes are so rare as to almost never be seen. But, where humans are involved, there is always the possibility of a mistake occurring. If you spot a mistake made by the croupier in a live casino game, you can call upon the pit boss to resolve the situation.

A pit boss is always standing by, and has the job of making certain that everything goes according to strict rules and regulations. In the case of a dispute occurring, the pit boss will make a decision on the situation, and allow normal play to continue as quickly as possible. Be sure, however, to only call on the pit boss when it is necessary, since topping play for no reason is very inconsiderate to the other players. Rest assured, the pit boss is almost never required, given the incredible levels of professionalism demonstrated by live casino croupiers.

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