Give Your Phone A Robot Finger

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Your smartphone sure is a cold, lifeless device. It just sits there, being all plastic and metal, not taking the time to acknowledge your new hairstyle, and being completely indifferent about the fact that you’ve managed to lose weight. How heartless a device it is, and certainly in need of a good dose of humanity. But how?

The answer has finally come along, in the shape of a robot finger that can be plugged into your phone’s micro-USB slot. Called the MobiLimb, the finger is capable of a number of unique functions, including tapping your hand when you get a message, or even stroking your hand if you’re in a particularly lonely mood. Some have dared called the robot finger one of the creepiest things they’ve ever seen in their lives, and I hate to say I think they are 100% right.

Still, the French inventors of the MobiLimb are forging ahead, and determined to get a finger on your phone if it’s the last thing they do.

Adding Humanity To Lifeless Machines

Marc Teyssier, a PhD student who is in collaboration with a number of universities across France is the brains behind the robot finger from your nightmares. According to him he was inspired to try and find ways of transcending the limitations of smartphones, in a process that he refers to as reverse augmentation.

Which is to say, the traditional definition is transcending human limitations via technology. So reverse augmentation would be helping static electronic devices, such as smartphones, transcend simply being electronic devices and making them more human. The idea he came up with was a robotic finger, and although the concept is profoundly disturbing, it isn’t hard to see what Teyssier was trying to achieve.

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Horror Made Reality

So it’s clear what the intention of the MobiLimb was, but the result is something far more suited for a horror movie. One of the functions will have the finger dragging your phone across a table in inchworm fashion, apparently as an announcement that you have a message. Plus, lets not forget that the finger has a human-like skin that can be draped over it, making it appear like a dismembered human digit growing out of your device.

The intention may have been to give humanity to a lifeless smartphone, but the result is nothing short of nightmare fuel. So, chances are it will not be making its way to a store near you. Either way, as creepy as the MobiLimb is, there is something intriguing about the idea that a semi-functioning limb can be fashioned as a smartphone attachment.

Cat Tail alternative

As an alternative, and a far better option in our opinion, the finger covering can be replaced with a fuzzy cattail sheath. So instead of your phone having a monstrous appendage, it can instead have a cute kitty tail. It may not have much in way of actual functionality, but it’s at least less likely to make you call an exorcist every time you get a message.

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