Gaming Controllers For Online Casinos

The video game industry is enormous, and growing ever bigger as time goes on. The modern video game industry is getting so big, in fact, that it is beginning to rival the film industry, which is pretty amazing, as far as entertainment goes. The film industry has been unchallenged for decades.

And, when an industry gets this big, you can be sure that there is going to be a world of attached industries, such as the accessories industry, as far as the world of video games is concerned. There are worlds of accessories that a gamer can purchase in order to make their gaming more entertaining, and in many cases some would say these items are essential. At least; essential if you desire an experience of a certain quality.

There are mechanical keyboards, advanced controllers, high quality headphones, and much, much, more. But online casino games also fall within the gaming category, although often aren’t classed the same as video games. The question is, though, do online casino games benefit from gaming accessories? Such as video game controllers.

Tablet Supported Controllers

Tablets are very much simply portable computers. They have immense processing power, large clear screens, and function in much the same way as a standard home computer. They are also the preferred choice of many online casino game players, given the exceptional game play experience they provide. In other words; tablets are where to go for the superior online casino game playing experience. At least for some.

There is a game controller that supports tablets, meaning that online casino games can now be played with the benefit of an attached, professional game controller. The idea sounds fantastic. The one downfall of tablets is, after all, that they are based entirely around touchscreen technology. And although largely accurate, especially on such a large screen, touchscreens can still be troublesome. Casino games that require precise interaction can suffer.

So, is a game controller suitable for online casino games via a tablet, and do the games benefit?

Controller Versus Touchscreen Controls

There is no doubt that game controllers feel good. They are designed to perfectly fit into human hands, and have thumb sticks and buttons positioned exactly within range of fingers. Controllers are, after all, the result of decades of research and fine-tuning, and are more or less perfect in their design. A gamer feels at home with a controller.

But does this advanced control system really benefit an online casino game such as slots? The answer is; sort of.

Although it will feel much more natural to a gamer using a controller to input for a casino game, the truth is that the benefits are negligible. And some would even say that a controller is a hurdle to online casino games, as opposed to a benefit. Why? Because online casino games are designed to be played with a touchscreen. It’s true that a touchscreen can be finicky at times, but the control schemes are still designed with touchscreen functionality in mind.

Controllers Are For Action

Controllers have been designed for quick response times, and easy input, but only in games that are based heavily around action. Even in the video games they were designed for, menu navigation is the least intuitive aspect of controller input. Since there is no way to directly indicate a menu item with a controller, the only option is to navigate menus the old fashioned way; by highlighting a desired menu item manually.

With a touchscreen, or a mouse, however, indicating a desired menu item is as easy as tapping it, or pointing to it. So, although controllers are excellent for action-based games, such as driving, or controlling a character, they are not great for menu navigation. And, lest there was any question, online casino games are mostly about navigating menus.

So Is It Worth It?

Online casino games can still be played with a dedicated gaming controller, and the experience certainly won’t be bad by any stretch of the imagination. And, as already said, many gamers simply feel more comfortable with a controller in their hands. But, as far as casino games go, there isn’t much reason to buy a controller for the explicit purposes of playing casino games. If a gamer had a controller already available, however, it wouldn’t hurt plugging it in to play a casino games.

The majority of casino game players will do fine playing casino games with touchscreens, or a mouse. Touchscreens are extremely intuitive for online casino games, given that the games were designed with this user input in mind. It’s a case of simply tapping the desired option, which is just about as easy a control scheme as a person could ask for. Computer mouse also work fantastically.

So as a conclusion; online casino games and controllers are not a match made in heaven. But aren’t terrible bedfellows either.

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