Fun Facts about Keno

At River Belle Casino we offer a huge range of casino games in every shape and form. One of the most popular lottery-style casino games found online is Keno. This exciting lottery game offers players huge payouts with a number of betting options. But where did the game originate and why? In the notes below, we are going to look the history of Keno and fun facts about the game.

The game of Keno has a long history dating back thousands of years. It is considered to be one of the oldest gambling games still in use today. The name “keno” is derived from French and Latin roots; however, the game itself is believed to have originated in China some 3000 years ago during the Han Dynasty. Historians believe that Han Dynasty ruler, Cheung Leung was in the midst of a long and hard war that was haemorrhaging city funds. Having already over-taxed his citizens, Cheung had to come up with a new way to fund his armies.

The First Keno Game

Cheung decided to implement a city-wide Keno-style game where players could win a massive cash prize and the Keno funds could be used to boost his armies to win the Han Dynasty War. The game he invented was quite different from the Keno game we know today. Instead of using 80 numbers, the game was played with 120 Chinese characters. Players used a quill pen to mark their bets on the board. The Keno results were carried out to outlying villages by carrier pigeons, which is why Keno was also known as the “White Pigeon Game.”

Having successfully saved his city and won the Han Dynasty War, Cheung Leung continued to run Keno with much success. The game quickly spread through China and was thought to have funded the construction of the Great Wall of China. In the 1800s a wave of Chinese immigrants landed in the US bringing with them the popular Keno game. The immigrants shared the game with the locals, swapping out the Chinese characters for numbers from 1-80 and the modern version of Keno was born.

The Most Popular Paying Combination

Today, online Keno is one of the few lottery-style casino games where players have the chance of winning multiple prizes. With players able to choose up to 20 numbers on their keno slip and a full 20 numbers out of 80 drawn, the chances of hitting a winning a combination is quite high. Depending on the casino itself, the house edge in Keno can range between 4% and 30%. One of the most interesting facts about Keno is that the chances of hitting five numbers are actually around one in four. This makes it the most likely paid combination which is why it is the minimum paying number.

The Odds of Winning Big

Another interesting fact about Keno is that most online casinos pay out the same amount for matching 17 numbers, 18, 19 or 20 numbers. The reason for this is that the odds of hitting that many numbers are somewhere in the region of 1 in 3 quintillion, a number that is so big that it is not even worth thinking about. The chances of landing 17 numbers in keno is so slim, it is like hitting the lotto jackpot with a single ticket.

If you are interested in playing Keno online, a healthy approach is to consider the game much like a regular lottery with the added chance of winning smaller amounts more often. Players tend to look at scooping regular smaller prizes to make up their betting losses. This is the fun way to play Keno with the one small chance that you land 10 or more numbers and win big.

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