Fun And Games With GPS

Fun And Games With GPSSource: iOS Gadget Hacks

You use your phone for a multitude of things every day. But do you make full use of all of the features? Like the GPS. The GPS on your phone is probably one of the most underutilised features. It is cutting edge to the point of being incredible, but we’re willing to bet you don’t make use it to its full potential.

In fact, you might even be a little wary of it, given what is being said about companies like Google and their habit of stealing information. But these fears are largely based in paranoia, given that strict privacy policies control how information can be used. In fact, a GPS is an excellent security measure in most cases, allowing your phone to found if lost or stolen. In addition to its anti-theft functionality, GPS tracking is also used by online casinos, banks and apps like Uber to verify a users geographical location quickly and easily.

But why don’t you also use this cutting edge technology for what it was always meant for; pure fun! Don’t believe us? Check out these 5 amazing GPS based games that you can enjoy!

1. GPS Art

Stephen Lund looked at Strava, the fitness tracker app, and saw art just waiting to be created. With planning, patience, and incredible determination, he made art via his tracked path on a local map. From giant bunnies to, amazingly, a fully-fledged dinosaur, Lund did it all using nothing more than a GPS and basic fitness-tracking app. The trend has gone viral, and now you can join in. Though, a fair amount of patience and planning is obviously recommended.

2. Geocaching

Fancy going on a genuine, real world treasure hunt? You can with geocaching. Using your GPS, you can join thousands of others around the world in seeking out shared geocaches, and adding your name to the logbook. From those that are a short walk away, to those hidden deep in the depths, geocaches offer healthy, outdoor fun. Put on your imitation Indiana Jones hat while seeking one out deep in the wilderness, and embrace the experience.

An official geocacheSource: Pixabay

3. Zombies, Run!

Requiring less planning, but offering fun in spades, Zombies, Run, is just about the most fun a GPS system can offer, while still aiming to keep you fit as a fiddle. The application is an audio adventure, but is based around the speed at which you’re moving. Take the hints, pick up your pace, and try and keep ahead of the pursuing zombie horde. An ingenious idea, and probably just the motivation you were looking for to help shed those extra pounds.

4. Pokémon GO

If you haven’t heard of Pokémon Go by now, you’ve been living under a rock. The idea is simple; take your phone, head out into the world, and catch digital monsters. Increase your monster collection, find rare monsters in specific locations, and don’t forget to stop every now and again for lunch. There is a reason this is one of the most popular mobile games in the world. Namely; it’s addictive and it gets you exploring your surroundings like never before.

5. Resources

Resources is similar in nature to Pokémon Go. But instead of catching weird hybrid monsters you’re looking to find mineral deposits. Once minerals are gathered, they can be processed, and used to upgrade virtual operations. But beware, other players are out to likewise steal those resources, and will aim to even try and steal your land.

The game, as is expected, encourages exploration of your surrounding area, and is the perfect excuse to get outdoors, while also enjoying a strategic online component. Although a highly ambitious game, Resources is the work of a single developer in his spare time, so be sure to not expect too much, and to support the developer on his mission to create entertaining GPS based games.

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