Extravagant Casino Promotions

We’ve all seen the different prizes and promotions that casinos offer to their players. At the top of the list of high-quality establishments, all casinos offer similar games and payouts. What sets them apart are the extras that they lavish on their players, so there is no excuse for them not to go all out.

If you’re not happy with your land-based or online casino promotions, there are plenty more out there that will satisfy your needs. Don’t ever feel like you need to settle; the casino industry is so competitive that they should be doing everything they can to win you over.

We’ve all seen the 5-star cruises, cutting-edge gadgets, luxury getaways and great cash prizes that casinos have given in the past, but what are the most generous? What is the standard to which you can hold all other offers? We’ve brought together a few impressive examples for you here.

Millionaire Maker Championship

This annual event is held at a different Harrah’s establishment every year. It’s a huge occasion, and there are many qualifying rounds at different Harrah’s Casinos throughout the United States. Whoever hosts the tournament for that year puts up the final 200 or so contestants in luxury lodgings where they are thoroughly pampered.

The lucky winner gets $50 000 every year for 20 years, or a grand total of $1 million. We don’t know about you, but we’d love to know we had that guaranteed every year! The fact that so many different locations are used for the lead-up event also makes for great brand building for Harrah’s, so this really is a situation in which everybody wins.

Monday Millionaire Madness

Monday Millionaire Madness takes place every Monday night in winter at Showboat Atlantic City. An amount of $500 is given to each of the 10 contestants on the floor. They’re selected via a weekly draw, which can be entered into via a few different ways at the casino.

Out of the 10 contestants who are drawn, 1 gets to play Monday Millionaire Madness and choose a single envelope from each of 3 sets that are attached to a big board. In the first group is an envelope that contains the word “Monday” and in the second and third groups envelopes with the words “Millionaire” and “Madness” respectively. All the other envelopes contain cash amounts from $100 to $500.

Players need to try to get all 3 words – if they manage to, they win the main prize. Getting 2 words earns them $10 000, and getting 1 or no words wins the total cash value amount from the envelopes. It’s very interactive for both contestants and spectators, and is almost as exciting to watch as it is to play.

Lavishness at Golden Palace

Online casinos can also run extravagant deals, and Golden Palace is a great example of this. A few years ago, the casino ran a huge promotion called “The Twelve Days of Christmas”, offering bonuses of as much as 200%, every day, for 12 days. It was even possible to get and use these for Blackjack, and ultimately Golden Palace gained a lot of fans, if only for the short time that the bonus was on offer!

At River Belle, we believe in building up a lasting relationship with players. Our bonuses are suitably lavish, but they are also always consistent, so that you know you are getting the best deal! We don’t reel you in with big promises and leave you feeling a bit flat with follow up offerings, we make sure that we always offer rich rewards every time you pay for real money!

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