Exploring Shared Cinematic Universes

It is widely agreed that the Marvel cinematic universe is the biggest, and most developed in cinema history. The latest Marvel release, Infinity Wars, brings the grand total of Marvel Universe films to 19. That’s a great many films in one consistent universe, not even taking into account the spin off series.

The DC Universe certainly has some catching up to do if there is to be any real competition, but they are also making themselves heard in numerous ways, with the franchise infiltrating everything from the casino sector, to TV shows. However, there are other cinematic universes besides those of DC and Marvel that are largely overlooked by moviegoers, and this may be because they are extremely subtle, or because they have been something of a flop.

Look no further than the recent Mummy Film, which attempted to introduce the so-called Dark Universe, only for the efforts to fall drastically short. In other cases, a cinematic world has existed, but never fully acknowledged by the filmmakers.

To give you some insight, we’ve rounded up a few surprising cinematic universes that are lesser known; we hope you have fun delving deep inside them!

Quentin Tarantino World

Quentin Tarantino is widely recognised as one of the greatest film directors of recent times. Exploding onto the movie scene with Pulp Fiction, Tarantino has gone on to create a string of highly popular, and highly successful movies. But do his movies all take place in the same shared universe?

Tarantino himself has never openly expressed this, but given that his movies commonly reference one another, many suggest that this is the case. For example, Tarantino films always use the same artificial product brands. These include G.O Juice, Big Kahuna Burger, and Jack Rabbit Slim’s. Tarantino likely used false brands in order to avoid having to incorporate existing brands into his films, which would have caused copyright lawsuits. Either way, the repeated use of these false brands suggests a shared world.

Commando, Predator And Die Hard

Other cinematic universes exist, but aren’t ever really directly referenced, or noted in the films themselves. In this case the fact that films share a universe isn’t really important, but just so happens to be the case. Two blockbuster Hollywood films, Commando and Predator, both stared Arnold Schwarzenegger. But, as it turns out, they also shared the same universe.

It seems outrageous, given the nature of the two films, but writer Steven E. de Souza has confirmed this on numerous occasions. It really doesn’t influence the films, one way or the other, but it is still interesting to know that the world with the killer mercenary, and the one with the jungle alien, are one and the same.

The connections extend even further to Die Hard, also written by Steven E. de Souza. Oddly, yes, this is also the same shared universe. The main thread connecting the films is the fictional Latin country Val Verde, which features in each of the movies, and plays an important role.

Star Wars And Indiana Jones

C3PO makes an appearance in Raiders of the Lost ArkSource: mentalfloss.com

Although not in any way official, it is believed by many that Indiana Jones and Star Wars movies take place in a shared universe. This isn’t just a random fan theory, as there is plenty to back it up. In the Temple of Doom, the club is called Club Obi Wan; clearly referencing the Star Wars character Obi Wan Kenobi. Plus, in Raiders of The Lost Ark, a hieroglyphic carving can be seen that shows Star Wars droid C3PO.

In this case, it may simply be a case of the two movies referencing one another, for nothing more than a few laughs. But it still is plausible that the films take place in the same world, especially given the aliens that make an appearance in the latest Indiana Jones film, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Coincidence? We think not.

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