The Exciting World Of Fantasy Sports

Fantasy Sports are a billion dollar per annum industry that has gained popularity worldwide, although its biggest audience is in America.

Fantasy Sports entail picking real life athletes and placing them in virtual teams, then using the real athletes’ real world performance to generate scores and events in the fantasy game. For instance, if a player scores a touchdown in real life, it will be added to your score if the player is in your fantasy team.

Just like casino games, Fantasy Sports have moved online and generated a gambling industry of its own, with many fans and big sums at stake.

Managing Your Fantasy Team

Fantasy Sports ironically has very little fantasy about it, apart from the composition of individual teams.  After you have compiled a team of athletes, and ideally placed in their actual real world positions, it is time to gather their states for the season.

Usually, there will be a member of the group of fantasy league players who is voted as the League Commissioner. They will compile and tally the athletes’ statistical information.

Most modern Fantasy Sports players use computer software to compile data and scores. Just like in real sports, athletes in the fantasy games can be traded, cut, injured and more.

Where Fantasy Sport Started Out

Having had its origins relatively recently, Fantasy Sports have certainly grown exponentially.

Legend has it the first Fantasy Sports game is based on Golf, and started by one Wilfred Winkenbach.

Golf is the simplest sport to play in a fantasy format, as you only have a single player’s statistics to contend with. From here, it developed to cover a multitude of sports, most notably American football and baseball.

Incredible Growth

The biggest role-player in Fantasy Sports growth was, of course, the Internet. Not only could players now find online resources to provide detailed player statistics, but also create software to tabulate and compile all this info. Most importantly of all, however, is the fact that the Internet managed to connect geographically diverse fans into one group of fanatics. This is also what made the games grow from a casual experience with friends to a well-oiled gaming industry.

Many US regulators are trying to classify the game as a game of skill rather than chance, and in doing so, legalise gambling on Fantasy Sports. Until then, you can enjoy it online.

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