6 Tips To Help You Reach Your Gym Goals

Hit your fitness goalsSource: Pixabay

It’s a new year and a brand new decade. We all know what that means, don’t we? It’s time to finally tackle those New Year’s resolutions. To the gym! Let’s get our bodies back in shape, and strut around looking tasty in tight outfits.

Or, realistically, let’s hit the gym really hard for a month, before caving and going right back to unfit default. Rather stick to that other New Year’s resolution, right? Head to an online casino and work on your Blackjack skills instead – at least that way you know you’ll end up a winner!

It’s more or less the expected norm now that fitness based New Year’s efforts collapse after a month. But let’s get real; gym routines and fitness goals really are achievable, assuming you approach them with the right mind set. If you’re motivated enough, you can work on those Blackjack skills and fitness goals side-by-side, and see excellent progress in both departments.

You Don’t Have To Kill Yourself

First and foremost, going to the gym, or any sort of exercise, is not about killing yourself. Some seem to think that you haven’t worked out unless you struggle to sit for the week that follows. This is, to put it bluntly utter nonsense.

Working out is not about reducing yourself to sludge. It is about getting your heart rate up and moving your body. Lifting weights until your arms are limp, or running until you’re incapacitated is not necessary. Instead, think of the gym as a long-term effort. It isn’t about killing yourself now, it’s about having the commitment to keep coming back.

Have Realistic Goals

Here’s an idea; instead of focusing on how much you can mess up your body today, rather set future goals that you can work towards. What sort of goals? Well, realistic ones. You want to drop a few kilograms? Good, great start. How about cutting 15 seconds off your 2 kilometre running record? Also a great idea. You know yourself, and you know your current fitness level, so we’ll leave it to you to decide on realistic goals.

Set achievable exercise targetsSource: Pixabay

Set Short And Long Term Targets

Having future goals and immediate goals is a great way to go about motivating yourself. Try having weekly, monthly and even yearly realistic goals.

A good weekly goal might be to have hit the gym three times by Sunday. A monthly goal could be to reach a solid total amount of hours spent exercising. An end of year goal might be to drop some of that extra weight you’re carrying around. Note that the short-term goals take you firmly towards that long-term goal, so they work hand in hand.

Keep Measurable Records

It probably need not be said, but we’ll say it anyway. Track your progress as you go, so you’re aware of how well you’re doing. A simple phone app is probably all you need. Either way, it is essential to track your progress, which will help keep you motivated.

Get Support Buddies

It’s great to have a group of gym buddies that can applaud you when you do hit those goals. Though, it doesn’t necessarily have to be people who accompany you to the gym. You can find support via those aforementioned apps. Just as long as you can get some kudos when you deserve it.

Diet Is Equally Important

Lastly, be sure to watch what you eat. Many say that diet is far more important than exercise if your ultimate goal is losing weight. This happens to be true, although putting on muscle where you drop weight is certainly a desirable combination. In other words, making a few simple changes to your diet along with a new gym routine is a pretty good idea.

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