How eCOGRA changed the Online Gaming Industry

Anyone who regularly plays at top rated online casinos such as River Belle will have seen the of eCOGRA Safe and Fair Seal proudly displayed. Some may have an idea that they have something to do with security, but few will know the extent to which the organisation effects their gaming experience.

When online gaming first became popular, a lot of players were hesitant to play online, as there was an impression that it would be easier for unprincipled casinos to cheat them. Experienced users of the Internet were aware of how easy it could be to present compelling lies online, and were wary of entrusting their finances to a site they weren’t sure was legitimate.

At the time it was a valid concern, and as with all new industries, a criminal element quickly found its way online. This produced a need for regulation, and national legislation could not adequately keep up with the demands of the rapidly growing industry. It was at this juncture that the creators of eCOGRA filled a void, and found a way to provide the much needed regulation.

What does eCOGRA do?

The extent to which eCOGRA monitors gaming is huge. Firstly, the name itself is an explanation and stands for eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance. The company specialises in ensuring that the online gaming industry is well regulated, fair to players and responsible. In order to do this they aim to do the following things at the following things:

  1. The protection of vulnerable customers
  2. The prevention of underage gaming
  3. Combating fraudulent and criminal behaviour
  4. Protection of customer privacy and safeguarding of information
  5. Prompt and accurate customer payments
  6. Fair gaming (e.g. RNG and RTP game evaluations)
  7. Responsible marketing
  8. Commitment to customer satisfaction and support
  9. Secure, safe and reliable operating environment

The company doesn’t just look at the casinos themselves, they look at the creators of the games so that casinos can rest assured that when they choose a new game to showcase, it is already complaint with all the regulations.

A Brief History

Prior to the advent of eCOGRA there were a number of very small independent auditors who were focused more at looking at specific areas of compliance, and this was mostly regulated by country legislation. However, in 2003 eCOGRA opened its doors as a full service compliance and assurance organisation, allowing casinos the opportunity to have all auditing completed in one place, by one company.

Within months the company had hit success and they became the go to agency for regulation compliance in the UK. Over the coming years their influence spread to other jurisdictions, including Denmark, Isle of Man, Kahnawake Reserve and Gibraltar. In current day, it’s hard to find a reputable online casino that doesn’t bear the badge of eCOGRA and it has become the mark of trust for players worldwide. Visitors to casinos that bear the badge can rest assured that their money is in safe hands, and that they will be able to play safe and fair games. In addition, eCOGRA ensures that casinos are responsible around ensuring that vulnerable persons and underage players do not have access to the casinos, and most importantly, that they are not subject to criminal activity.

What Makes Them So Good?

There are now several organisation that offer similar services, but eCOGRA are still leaders in the field. They employee on the very highest qualified staff and their company is made up of qualified as chartered accounts who have extensive experience in legal, financial, business administration and IT auditing. When you see this badge, you know you are in safe hands.

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