Easiest Countries To Get Residency

European emigration optionsSource: Pixabay

Life is full of many interesting twists and turns. For example, as you get older you might find your eye starts wondering abroad, and an urge to live elsewhere might create an itch you need to scratch. Emigration is no small decision, and certainly one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. But, if for whatever reason you do decide to try and make a new country your home, you’ll want to look closely at all the options.

Europe is a popular emigration destination for many. There are a wide variety of countries to choose from, all of which have their own specific draw cards. On the other hand, it may not be so easy to gain residency in certain European countries. To give you a helping hand, we’ve rounded up the easiest countries in which a person can gain residency. Be warned though, emigrating can be expensive, so you might want to try your luck and go for a big win at leading online casinos if you have been bitten by the greener pastures bug, but are feeling a bit broke!


Austria is a beautiful country, and a primary location for those who are looking to emigrate to Europe. In terms of acquiring legal permits to live and travel, the country is the easiest in the whole of the European region. On this list, Austria is most appealing because getting residency will not require investment into the country, of any kind. A job need not even be guaranteed.

The citizenship consultancy firm, Henley and Partners, ranked Austria as the most accessible of European countries. Plus, once residency has been acquired, you will be allowed visa-free travel in the whole Schengen Area. This includes 26 European states, which have done away with passport checks and border control regulations. It is obvious then that Austria is a great place to start for those who are looking to make Europe their new home.


Belgium is second on the list, and another country that is a popular first choice for those emigrating. As far as securing residency goes, simply getting a job should be enough in most cases. If a job is not on the table though, investment will probably be required.

Another major drawing card of Belgium is that the process of acquiring residency, assuming that the various demands are met, is extremely fast. Henley and Partners reported that a period as short as two weeks is needed in most cases, which is astonishingly short in comparison to some other countries.

Opting for a new place to live and a new passportSource: Pixabay


With Austria and Belgium topping this list, we now get to the countries that make big demands in order to secure yourself residency. Getting into Portugal will require making an investment of €500,000. So buying a property or house for that much will be on the top of list. Alternatively, you can transfer an amount of €1 million into a registered Portuguese bank account. If that all sounds like too much, creating 10 jobs for Portuguese citizens is also an option.


If Portugal seems a bit too demanding, Malta might be a bit more accessible. In the case of Malta, the investment only has to be €275,000. Still a great deal of money, but at least a bit more affordable than Portugal. There is plenty of sun and picturesque scenery in Malta though, so that sizeable investment won’t be for nothing.


Last on this list is Spain, which comes in similarly to neighbouring country Portugal. An investment of €500,000 is needed, which apparently buys a rather nice house. If you don’t want a house, you can also opt to make an investment of €2 million in the country’s debt. Probably best just to scroll back up to Austria!

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