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Those of us who are still single have all had that lonely, soul crushing moment. You’re sitting slumped in front of the TV on a Saturday night, wondering where your soul mate is hiding. Even the cat is out somewhere pursuing a romantic interest, so it’s just you, a bucket of popcorn and an empty space on the couch. If only, you think to yourself mournfully in those moments, I could find a Donald Trump supporter. Then all my romantic dreams would finally come true.

The designers of the dating app DonaldDaters heard these sad thoughts and rushed to the rescue. They knew that nothing brings folks together like a shared support for Donald Trump, and so set about creating an app based entirely around that single concept. Perhaps a bit too specific you’re thinking? Perhaps more of a one note joke than an app that could actually be successful? Even those who do support Donald Trump wouldn’t base their love life around this one, presumably, small part of their character?

Nonsense. The idea is sheer genius, and all those who think otherwise clearly haven’t given it a shot.

Consider this. When you meet someone digitally, the chance that their political beliefs are the same as yours is a bit like playing online roulette. You could get a match and a winner, but you might also get a miss… and in the case of real life relationship, political arguments can make or break a union.

A Controversial Start

On the day of its launch the dating app managed to attract a little over 1,600 users. Not exactly an explosive start, but certainly not terrible numbers. The 1,600 users knew that they were in a secure digital environment, given that it is specified in the privacy policy that information is kept 100% private. Imagine the shock of those users when, on the day of the official launch, the entire database was stolen and leaked online. Much like the man it’s named after, the app courted controversy from day one. Clearly it was keen on having its own covefe moment.

Elliot Alderson, a security researcher, found the flaw almost immediately, downloaded all users names, photos and other information, as well as access tokens and shared it with the website TechCrunch. In case you’re wondering, access tokens allow for remote hijacking of user accounts, which is a method used by developers to keep order on dating websites. TechCrunch, of course, informed the developers of the blatant security flaw in the software, and the sensitive information was quickly removed from the website.

So, if having direct access to Donald Trump supporters wasn’t enough to convince you it was worth your time, the incredible security reputation of the software surely will.

An app for fans of the POTUSSource: Pixabay

Looking for Love That’s Likeminded

For most, DonaldDaters is nothing more than a silly joke. But after a little thought, it becomes apparent that in the United States the political environment has become so heated and created such a rift in the population that such a dating app does actually have some reason to exist.

Emily Moreno, the CEO of DonaldDaters, made a statement, explaining that the atmosphere in the country has become so hostile that being a supporter of the president can make it impossible to date. She pointed out that Trump supporters have become afraid of even entering into the dating world, given that liberal intolerance has declared sympathy for the president as a deal-breaker.

She has a point, and although the app itself may be something to have a little chuckle about, its existence speaks volumes about the general political situation in the country. Of course, the tag line “Make America date again” doesn’t do much to discourage mockery of the software!

On the other hand, 1,600 users in a single day says that, at least to some degree, a portion of Americans felt it worth a shot. So of you love Trump and are looking for love, why not give it a try?

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