The Universal Culture

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Gambling is a universal culture. It’s hard-wired into our DNA. If we didn’t take risks, we wouldn’t be living. Responsible gambling is a lifestyle choice that everyone can embrace. Not only has that, but the culture of gambling played an important role in the development of all the other types of culture that people love. From the caves of old to the living rooms where we can casually check in to an online casino, gambling has featured in our stories. At the same time, technology advances have influenced the way we gamble – it’s a brave new world! Discover how gambling has influenced the top ten most important forms of popular culture in our world today.

Once upon a time

The bedrock of every culture is its folklore. Folktales contain the echoes of ancient beliefs that still connect with modern feelings and values. Considering how basic gambling is to human society, it’s no surprise that the folklore of people from all around the world – people separated from each other in time and space – is full of stories about gambling. The ancient gods are reflected in the mobile casino of today. To celebrate this incredible cultural continuity, dip into some stories from the gambling folklore of old.

Life online

The internet is undoubtedly the most important cultural development in history. Although the early internet was driven mainly by porn and message boards, from the mid-2000s social media started to kick in and the result was the total transformation of everything. Suddenly the internet became a tool to connect with people socially. Messaging programs allowed users to connect with friends, strangers, anyone in real time. You could read books, share music and videos, explore weird obsessions, play video games – everything that existed started to migrate to the world online. Blackjack and other traditional casino games found a new home on the internet – and gamers and gamblers have become internet stars on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitch.

Written in the cards

Want to be healthier and smarter? It’s as simple as picking up a book – and reading it, of course. Sure, some books are more useful as dumb-bells than they are for entertainment. But searching for the right book will repay the effort – in grey matter. Or rather, white matter. That’s the stuff that carries information between the regions of grey matter in your brain. Science shows that reading actually increases the white matter in your brain and helps process information better – just like high-speed internet revolutionized culture online, from the video game to the online casino.  Here are four classic gambling books to get you going.

First past the post

Sporting culture in all its forms has captivated humanity since the dawn of time, so it’s no wonder that sports betting is one of the oldest forms of gambling in the world – and one of the most popular, with sports betting offered in most every mobile casino. In ancient times, the Romans loved to wager on the outcome of chariot races, animal fights and gladiator battles. Shakespeare’s plays – the movies of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries – reflect how how people would bet on popular sporting events like cock-fighting, bear-baiting, wrestling and footraces. Today, sports betting is a culture all its own, with sports fans cheering on their teams and placing wagers on the events.

Vegas is a universal cultureSource: Flickr

Silver screen

If there is one entertainment medium that covers the full gambit of popular culture, it’s the film industry. Naturally, the movies have always loved gambling stories, from titles like A Cure For Pokeritis in the days of silent film,  through to box office hits like Casino featuring all the big stars. Baccarat, blackjack, poker and roulette are the most featured games, in regular casinos as well as the casino online. Some of these gambling movies have gone on to launch careers, make millions and become iconic flicks of the silver screen. 

Songs of love and money

Music brings us all together – it’s a universal culture – and gambling is one of the oldest themes on Earth. Apart from singing about your childhood sweetheart, the gal next door, the one who broke your heart or the cheating no good bastard that broke your heart, good old fashioned gambling tunes help us keep going.

Some of the best classics of the 20th and 21st century popular culture tracks are draped in the rich purple tapestry of a Vegas casino. Whether you are an Elvis aficionado, a Country and Kenny Rogers fan or a Motörhead rocker or simply just woke up in the House of the Rising Sun, it seems that the thrill of the roll of the dice has provided inspiration for all.

Making waves

Since Heinrich Hertz discovered the radio wave in 1886 and radios started making their way into ordinary households in the late 1920s and 30s, our penchant for a good audio yarn has grown into so much more than just listening for entertainment value.  We now tune in not only radio, but the ever more popular podcast which covers every topic under the sun. Gamers and gamers especially are tuning into radio shows and podcasts offering the low-down on how to get a competitive advantage in every conceivable game, from online blackjack to Five Card Stud.  The best is the way technology has removed the limits – you can get great gambling insights on the device of your choice anywhere, anytime.

A word from our sponsor

Television defined the culture of the twentieth century. TV shows brought people together even when they were apart. Families used to huddle together around the old black-and-white screen like it was the fire in a big old cave. The link between TV and gambling is quite basic: fun and entertainment is a deep human need. Maybe it should be a human right. Just like TV, gambling is common in most human societies, with ancient gamers even using the knucklebones of sheep as dice to keep themselves entertained. Imagine how thrilled they would be to play games in a casino online! Today the hold of television has been eroded by the multiplication of digital devices, but today’s knucklebone ninjas can still stay up to speed with gambling inspired TV shows.

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