Celebs and Their Love of Gambling

Gambling has universal appeal. There are very few, if any cultures, ancient and modern that hasn’t engaged in gambling in some shape or another.

It is strange that even to this day the media sees celebrities who gamble as quite a shocking revelation when in fact, it just goes to show they are human too and like to have fun.

Below, we look at a few famous celebrity gamblers who live a high roller lifestyle we can only dream of.

Teammates Ben Affleck and
Matt Damon

Actors, writers and directors, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon have quite a few Hollywood feathers in their caps. These two friends are also known for their love of Poker and Blackjack.

Their love of gambling has taken a back seat to their continued success in films. Ben Affleck has seen resurgence in his fame with films like Argo and Batman VS Superman. Matt has had acclaim with The Martian and the Jason Bourne films.

Affleck has stated that at one point his Blackjack gaming was so good that some Casinos have barred him from their tables. He has stated however that rumours that gambling led to his breakup with Jennifer Garner are complete fabrications.

Matt’s love of poker has so far only been heavily rumoured, with stories claiming he and his bestie, Affleck would often play at High Stakes, invite only Texas Hold’em games with other celebrities.

Charlie Sheen’s Rock Star Style

No stranger to the rock star lifestyle, Sheen has had quite a rap sheet of bad behaviour. Unfortunately his love of gambling has been seen in a negative light, with his ex wife, Denise Richards claiming he spent $ 200 000 a week on sports betting and casino gaming.

Whether Charlie has a problem with gambling, verging on addiction has never been confirmed. He has been seen quite regularly at some of the best casinos in America and always with that one of a kind winning smile on his face.

Quirky Gambler Tobey Maguire

After his huge successes in the Spiderman film trilogy, Tobey Maguire started accepting a lot of small and quirky roles in films.

Much more surprising though was the revelation in a recent Vanity Fair article that Tobey also loves high stakes Poker games. The same article also mentions Ben Affleck and Leonardo DiCaprio taking part with Tobey in $50 000 buy in games.

Tobey is claimed to be an excellent Poker player but not a very good loser. It just goes to show that celebrities are human too; no matter how much cash you have in your bank account, losing isn’t fun!

Michael Jordan With The Midas Touch

Michael Jordan is without a doubt one of the finest Basketball players ever to step foot on the court. He has a well-publicised love of gaming, but he doesn’t limit himself to just Poker or Blackjack.

He also loves making proposition wagers. One hilarious story goes that while he and his team mates were waiting for their luggage at the airport carousel, he made a $100 wager with them that his bags would come out before theirs.

Later he revealed that in fact, the airport staff had been bribed to make sure his bag comes out first.

Everyone Loves to Gamble

These picks are only a handful of famous people who love to gamble. They are limited to the entertainment industry but famous gamblers can be found amongst entrepreneurs, businessmen and even presidents.

We love hearing celebrity gambling stories because it reminds us that people are people, no matter what their level of fame or fortune. So let’s have one more slot spin on these high rollers.

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