Casinos Relevancy In The IoT

The world as we know it is being re-shaped, re-designed and changed by the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things (or IoT) can be defined as a network of devices that are all interconnected to each other via the Internet. These devices all communicate with one another in varying degrees and create their own unique stream of data.

Be careful not to think merely smart phone. Smart phones play a big role in the larger picture, it’s true, but the smart devices include everything from smart watches to sleep monitors to devices that count our steps and comment on the general state of our health. They are even part and parcel of home automation systems, air travel navigation systems and hospital systems.  Think of just about any aspect of modern technology and you’re bound to find a relation to the Internet of Things.

Casinos too, have recently started to take not of the Internet of Things, and in a knick of time too.  Inter-connectivity plays an important role in security systems, something that is vital in the casino industry. It doesn’t only prove useful in practical applications such as security systems and facial recognition systems, but also for intelligent market research. Pinpointing the specific needs of players is a key part of keeping the casino doors open.

The Wonder That Is Mobile

The Internet of Things is also the driving force behind mobile technology. The smart phone’s mobility and general ease of access makes it a very powerful tool when utilized correctly.  It’s always connected to the Internet in some way and is used for everything from basic communication to the monitoring of security systems to navigation by means of a mobile GPS system.

In order for the casino industry to remain relevant, it’s vital that it embeds itself into the hi-tech everyday reality of the person on the other side of the mobile device.  Players are able to confirm hotel reservations and order take-out whilst playing their favourite online games on their mobile device.

Partnering Is Key

In order to stay relevant, it’s vital that casinos partner with technology solution providers.  These providers understand how it all comes together and are skilled at developing systems that talk to one another and more importantly, speak the same language.

The building of a functional system that promotes interoperability among the various devices is the true challenge of the Internet of Things.  After all, the vast expanse of information that is Big Data is of no use to anyone if it cannot be tapped and applied in an intelligent manner.

The day-to-day operational decisions necessary in order for a casino to function at maximum capability can only be made in a truly effective way when the system enjoys the effective support of a system of interconnected smart devices.  This applies to everything from booking systems to networked slot machines to general security and safety of the players who frequent the casino floors.

The Wonder That Is Real Time

The fact of the matter is, in a world where reality shifts and changes in a matter of nano-seconds, real time isn’t merely an optional extra. Real time is everything.  Real time is the driving force behind a blow-by-blow account of any event.  Think sports betting.  The more real time information at the bettor’s disposal, the more intelligent his eventual decisions.  These are the players that will return to the casinos, the players that will ultimately keep on playing, and the ones that are technologically looked after and stimulated by the true Internet of Things.

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