The Ultimate Travel Bucket List

Bucket list travel destinationsSource: Pixabay

Here’s something that should be at the top of your next to-do list: your very own travel bucket list. Let’s face it, life is short, and while getting your daily tasks done is important, so is visiting your dream destinations! Start saving now, or see if you can hit the jackpot at an online casino and turn your dreams into reality.

There are incredible experiences to be had and memories to be made all around the world. Writing a list of the places you want to go is where the fun starts, and putting it on paper makes you more committed to getting there. In honour of World Tourism Day on 27 September, get inspired with our ultimate travel bucket list.

Explore Petra’s Ancient History

Petra is called the Rose City because of the pink colour of the mountain stones that its tombs, temples and other buildings were cut from. Situated in southern Jordan, it has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1985 and is believed to have been settled as far back in history as 9,000 BC. Visit the incredible ruins and marvel at the sophisticated, millennia-old design before relaxing with a picnic in the beautiful surroundings.

Release a Wish Lantern in Taiwan

Make a wish, light your lantern and watch it join thousands of others in the night sky during the Wish Lantern Festival in Taiwan, or in other ceremonies around Asia.

Party at Carnival in Brazil

Brazil sizzles all year round, but the parties are always biggest at Carnival! Held from the Friday before Ash Wednesday to noon on Ash Wednesday, people indulge their every whim before Lent begins.

Hot Air Balloon in Cappadocia

Cappadocia in Turkey is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and once you’ve seen its unique natural stone “fairy chimneys”, Bronze Age homes and other treasures, you’ll understand why. A hot air balloon ride is the perfect way to take it all in!

Experience India’s Holi Festival

The ancient Hindu Festival of Love has recently spread around the world, but the Indian subcontinent is still the best place to experience it. Expect riotous celebrations as everyone throws colour at the people they love, showing how they feel in a gloriously physical and visual way.

Go on an African Safari

Head to Zambia, South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya and beyond. Stay in luxury lodges as you see lions, rhinos, giraffes and other majestic creatures in their natural environments. The stark beauty of Africa is sure to make its way into your heart.

Party at New Orleans’ Mardi Gras

“Mardi Gras” means “Fat Tuesday” in French and is held on Shrove Tuesday every year. The name refers to the Christian tradition of eating fatty foods on this day, before the fast, but there is so much more going on. The festivities and celebrations have reached legendary proportions, with the biggest parties of all in New Orleans.

Hike the Camino de Santiago de Compostela

The famous Camino de Santiago de Compostela trail runs through France and Northern Spain, and is a network of pilgrimages that lead to the shrine of St James the Apostle. People have walked the picturesque route for penance, enlightenment or peace for hundreds of years. Whether you want to reconnect with yourself or a higher power, this is a great way to take the journey.

Swim in Iceland’s Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is a geothermal spa that was officially opened in 1992. The pools are created by the runoff water from the nearby Svartsengi Power Plant, and the steam and hot water access the rich minerals from the earth. The result is a gorgeous bucket list worthy destination, with waters that are healing to both body and soul.

See the Northern Lights

There’s nothing quite like the Aurora Borealis, the magical lights that fill the night skies of the Arctic. The natural phenomenon is caused by particle changes in the magnetosphere, due to solar winds. Knowing the science behind he display makes it all the more dazzling.

The Northern LightsSource: Pixabay

Learn to Salsa in Buenos Aires

Channel your inner Juan and Evita Perón in the City of Good Airs, as Buenos Aires translates from Spanish. Make sure you soak up the rest of the South American country’s culture while you’re there.

Work on Your Tan in Fiji

The sparking beaches of the Fiji Islands really need no further introduction.

See Easter Island’s Giant Stone Figures

There are almost 1000 moai, as they are known, to be awe-struck by. Each stone figure is carved from a single stone, and the way these monoliths were moved is still debated.

Stand Inside St Peter’s Basilica

The largest church in the world, designed in part by Michelangelo himself, is a must-see if you’re lucky to find yourself in Vatican City. If you don’t mind queuing for entry, you don’t even need to pay to see what is widely considered the best example of Italian Renaissance architecture.

Set Foot on All 7 Continents

We’ve put this goal last because it encompasses all the others in a way, but you don’t have to let it be the end of your journey. Even after you’ve walked every continent, there will still be so much to explore!

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