Top Black Friday Survival Tips

How to survive Black Friday Source: Pixabay

Black Friday. It’s big, it’s bad, and it’s happening at shops near you on 29 November 2019. It means unbelievable savings – if you can survive your shopping trip without plunging headlong into the total dissolution of your sanity.

How do you do it? How do you survive Black Friday, which this year looks set to be bigger and more chaotic than ever, so you can get home and unwind by playing games at River Belle, an online casino you can trust? You follow our survival tips, that’s how!

1. Shop Early Or Late

Whether you would rather be an early bird or a night owl, heading to the shops really early or quite late can be one of the best ways to survive Black Friday shopping chaos. The sooner you can get into that queue and into the store, the sooner you can find what you want and the sooner you can get out of there. Doing some night shopping may mean a bit of potluck because you missed the door busters, but it offers you the bliss of fewer people, more parking, and late-night specials.

2. Set and Stick to a Budget

A budget can be one of your best friends on Black Friday. We’ve all been there. We’ve all gone into a store with a specific sale item in mind, and then left later with all the things because they were on sale and we have no self-control. The thing is, life is not a Laura Brannigan song, and we need to have some restraint if we want to come out OK on the other side of Black Friday. Besides, there are still all those luscious Cyber Monday sales to look forward to.

3. Sign Up For Store Mailers

Signing up for store mailers, as well as liking Facebook pages or Instagram accounts, can be a Black Friday lifesaver. For starters, the adverts you receive in advance can help you fine-tune your budget. You know what is available, how much it costs, and where you can find it. They also can help you formulate a plan of action.

Black Friday shopping Source: Pixabay

4. Not All Bargains Are Bargains

Huh? But, sale… No, but nothing. If you think that those Black Friday prices are the best some retailers can do, think again. Pay particular attention to the price history of the items you want to buy, which can be done as simply as checking the original price. Does that 30% discount tag look good on an item that you (but not many other people) want? We bet it will all look much more attractive just after Christmas, when the retailer knocks the price down further with a 40% discount.

5. Plan Your Shopping Trip

There is a good chance that you are going to want to buy more than one item on Black Friday. There also is a good chance that you will need to visit several different shops to get everything on your list, so plan an itinerary. Put the most important, most in-demand item at the top of the list, and then aim to get it first. Remember, vehicle and pedestrian traffic is likely to be chaotic, so try to limit the distances you need to travel.

6. Dress Comfortably Or Shop Online

Depending where you are in the world, Black Friday happens in late Autumn or early Summer. Either way, early mornings can be cold – and, either way, it is sure to warm up during the day. Layering may seem like the sensible thing to do, but that can become unmanageable and uncomfortable very quickly. A closer-fitting layer under a jacket or fleece top may be the perfect in-between.

Alternatively, spare yourself the headache entirely, and just shop online. Good luck and happy shopping!

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