Best Online Casino Platforms

When it comes to enjoying online casino games, some put little thought into which the best platform is. It is, after all, largely a matter of convenience. If players happen to have a smartphone close at hand, it tends to be the platform used. But, if taking into consideration all the pros and cons involved, which would be the best platform to use when playing online casino games?

Here is a look at all the most used platforms for playing online casino games (PC, smartphone, tablet, and laptop), with a rundown of the pros and cons of playing on each device. Keep in mind, though, that overall each platform is a perfectly good way to play and have a great experience on.

Best Online Casino Platforms


As far as the digital world goes, PCs are the most powerful in terms of resources. A modern gaming computer is the equivalent of dozens of smartphone in terms of its capability, which says a lot, given how powerful modern smartphones are. But how does it do with online casino games?

Online casino games do not require much power in order to run, so the resources of an up to date PC are minimal. There are, however, many other pros to keep in mind. First of all, PCs tend to have large, high quality screens, which offer an excellent visual experience. Plus, of course, the benefits of controlling a casino game with a mouse cannot be overlooked. Since home computers are also generally connected directly to the Internet, with unmatched connection speeds and stability.

All this makes a PC an excellent play platform – except, of course, the fact that not many people would carry their PCs around with them. A home computer is certainly not what you would call portable.

Smartphone And Tablet

Modern smartphones, as already said, are extremely powerful pieces of technology. The majority will handle online casino games with little trouble, and even have processing power left over to handle messaging applications – assuming that a smartphone under five years old is used.

Modern smartphones also have high quality screens, providing an adequate visual experience. The downside of smartphone screens is, of course, that they are rather small. At least in comparison to other options. Tablets fair much better in this regard.

Tablets are perhaps the most preferred play platforms for online casino games, and it doesn’t take much to understand why. As far as convenience and portability goes, you just can’t beat a modern tablet. It has a long battery life, lots of power and can be carried with little trouble.

The downfall of both smartphones and tablets, however, is that they will run dry of battery power sooner or later. A tablet will last a great deal longer than a smartphone, but both will eventually become useless unless a plug socket happens to be nearby.


Many people own laptops, which are mainly used for work purposes. Laptops are extraordinary in how much power they pack, squashed into an almost astonishingly small case. Some laptops can be, and often are, more powerful than standard desktop computers.

As far as screen size and functionality goes, a laptop will often fair better than a tablet. Except, of course, for the fact that a tablet is generally designed for users to navigate using the touchscreen as opposed to a mouse and keyboard. Laptop battery life tends to vary drastically depending on the model, but usually last a little longer than a tablet.

At the end of the day, there is not much difference between a modern laptop and tablet. And as far as playing casino games go, a gamer would do very nicely with either option.

So, Which Is Best?

Before making a final conclusion on which play platform is the best, one more aspect should be taken into consideration. Many online casino games require a stable, reliable online connection, including even single player online slot games. And portable devices rely on wireless connections. Tablets and laptops may be excellent all round playing platforms, but this is assuming they are able to achieve a decent connection to casino game servers.

With this being said, tablets and laptops are still probably the best choice. Providing portability, power and high quality visuals, there really isn’t much more a person could ask for. If one has both a smartphone and a tablet, using the tablet would be the smartest thing to do.

Of course, if you’re not planning on going anywhere, you may just as well sit down at a PC and get the ultimate casino game playing experience. A desktop computer is certainly the ‘big daddy’ as far as reliability and processing power is concerned, and will entirely negate any problems with signal or a bad wireless connection.

Clearly, each platform has its pros and cons, and the player will always make the final decision. Whichever platform you decide on, you’re sure to find a quality gaming experience awaits!

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