The Best Mobile Devices For Casino Gaming

Back in the day, all you needed for some quality casino action is a sturdy table, a mostly-legible deck of cards and a well-anchored riverboat. Today with mobile technology what it is, you can simply take out your phone and pick the table or slot game you are in the mood for from a list of dozens of available options.

There are many Android enabled devices available for gaming but some are far better than others. We’ve rounded up the best so that when you play your favourite games, you avoid choppy waters!

The Samsung S8 Series

With a dynamic aspect ratio, curved screen and the usual sleek design features we have come to expect, the Samsung S8 is the company’s flagship model for a reason. Even though the overheating issues with the Note 7 did dent the public image of Samsung, they keep fighting back and the S8 may go a long way in restoring faith in the tech giant.

With the Super AMOLED display and the octa-core processor, there will be no casino game that won’t look and play amazingly. The feather in the cap is the additional features the phone offers, like the VR headset compatibility.

Huawei P10

Smaller than the popular P9 Mate, the P10 offers improved UI, software upgrades, better cameras and all the other expected processor and RAM upgrades. You are however out of luck if you live in the US as at the moment Huawei have no plans to release the phone there.

The phone’s 64GB of built in storage is more than enough for even the most avid casino app collector. The UI improvements mean that your online gaming will be an even smoother experience.

If you want a bit more screen real estate, the P10 Plus features a larger 5.5 Inch screen as opposed to the standard P10’s 5.1 Inch screen, making games like Roulette all the better!

The Google Pixel

Google’s first entry into the mobile phone market is the Pixel series. Naturally as the developers, of the Android platform, the Pixel runs amazingly well. The steep price of the phone may put some people off but you get what you pay for.

You will get a fast and smooth gaming experience but the screen size is not the biggest out there. The phones also do not have the best dust and water proof resistance rating, so this is something to consider if you want to play your favourite casino games outdoors.


The LG G6 is a welcome return to form for the company. They did try and innovate the market with their modular G5 but the public did not respond well and they decide to just rather produce another fantastic phone.

It features a very appealing 5.7 Inch screen, great dust and water resistance, powerful processor and RAM combo and lots of storage space for your casino apps.

Casino Gaming On Android Devices

The Android operating system is one of the most adaptable platforms for software developers. It essentially makes any device capable of running great casino games.

The above mentioned devices are high end flagship devices that will give you the best casino experience, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have high end casino action on older devices with lesser specs. Try some free in-browser casino games and see how your device handles them. If things run smoothly, you can download a casino app with confidence.

New mobile phones are hitting the market all the time, so you may also find that there are other Android powered devices that work just as well too. The ones listed here may be our favourites for now, but you can rest assured in a few months time, there will be new ones too!

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