When to Avoid Playing Mobile Casino Games

At River Belle, we have always felt that the absolute best way to play mobile casino games is while cruising down the river in a classy steamboat. A cool glass of sarsaparilla in one hand and some real money casino action in the other.

Unfortunately, not everyone is as relaxed as we are here at River Belle. In fact, there are some outright crazy varmints out there who play mobile games at the most inopportune moments. Let’s look at some of these bad moments, so you can avoid the same pitfalls.

Playing in Bright Light

Bright light, specifically natural sunlight, can easily ruin a fun casino experience.

There are many modern mobile devices that have screens specially designed to minimise this glare, but generally speaking, you will be left blind as a bat when playing in direct sunlight.

Try and keep your gaming to indoor areas, or at least sit under a nice, shady tree.

Playing Without Earphones

A personal pet peeve of mine is having to listen to people’s phones, whether it’s the sound of gaming or music.

Always try and carry your earphones in your pocket, so when you’re in the mood for some real money fun, you can easily pop them in and can enjoy the great sound of our casino games, while not disturbing anyone around you.

That is a win-win situation in my book.

Gaming in Meetings

Even though meetings are never productive for anyone, it is still frowned upon to completely blow them off by gaming while they are under way.

Yes, even if you do use your earphones, the tapping and shouting when you win may distract the other people in the meeting. It’s best to put that phone on silent and in your back pocket!

When Working Towards a Deadline

Its never a good idea to enjoy mobile gaming when you really should be doing something else. Nothing is worse for a deadline than “one more slot spin”.

While Driving

Even in Autoplay, playing slot games – or any casino game for that matter – while driving is a bad idea. You may be able to form a winning poker hand with one hand, but you certainly won’t be able to take sharp corners with one hand.

Rather wait till you are stationary before you start playing, it is much less dangerous. You should only take high risks in the game, not in real life!

River Belle encourages responsible gaming, and by that we also mean playing where appropriate!

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