Did You Know: Area 51 Edition

Alien decoration at Area 51Source: Wikimedia

You probably know Area 51 as the home of UFOs and little green men from outer space, but the real origins of the facility are far more down-to-earth. So if you’re thinking of breaking in to find out the truth, you’re probably better off staying home and playing online blackjack, or playing one of our alien-inspired online slot themed games.

What and where is Area 51?

Area 51 is a top-secret United States Air Force base located in a dry Nevada lake bed 85 miles (135km) north of Las Vegas. The real purpose of the base has been kept secret from the public for decades. In fact, the CIA only acknowledged the existence of the site in 2013 and President Barack Obama is the only president to ever publicly mention the site.

Why was Area 51 built?

The base was constructed near the beginning of the Cold War in 1955. It’s now known that its main purpose is as an Air Force testing base for secret and experimental aircraft. Recent satellite photographs of the airstrips at the site have confirmed this theory. Such famous aircraft as the U-2 spy plane and SR-71 Blackbird were first flown out of the facility.

Area 51 and aliens

Many people still believe that aliens are held prisoner and studied at Area 51. This is because of a number of suspicious and unexplained incidents that have taken place near the site over the years. These incidents have fueled numerous conspiracy theories involving aliens and other paranormal activities. As a result, Area 51 has become a popular tourist attraction and is often the setting of many science-fiction movies and TV shows.

Aerial photo of Area 51Source: Wikimedia

The first of these incidents was a crash at the site in 1947 which was rumoured to have been aliens from another planet. The official government report is that the crash was nothing but a weather balloon, but some members of the public aren’t buying it. Other people claim to have seen unidentified flying objects (UFOs) in the air over the site. However, it’s also likely that the UFOs are just experimental aircraft tested by the US air force.

In 1989 an ex-employee of Area 51 named Robert Lazar made claims that further fueled these conspiracy theories. Lazar said that he had seen photos of aliens and believed that the government used the facility to carry out experiments on them.

The myths are so famous that many local businesses even dress up their premises with extra-terrestrial themes to attract tourists and customers. It’s possible that these myths have been a useful distraction for the United States government. This is because public speculation helps to hide the truth of what actually goes on at Area 51.

Area 51 in the news in 2019

Area 51 recently made headlines when a man named Matty Roberts created an open Facebook event with the aim of storming Area 51 to uncover the truth once and for all. “We can run faster than their bullets. Let’s see them aliens” Roberts said on the page. The event eventually grew to include over 2 million attendees, but so far no one has stormed the gates of Area 51. A festival was set up to appear nearby, but has since been moved due to safety concerns. The air force has warned that the area is an open training area and heavily discourage anyone from entering.

Whether or not we’ll ever get to see what’s happening inside Area 51 is unknown. But for now whatever is going on behind its walls are hidden from the public eye.

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