Android’s Impact on Mobile Gaming

Android smartphones and tablets are one of the driving forces in the mobile casino gaming industry. Several years ago, not many would have seen this coming, but recent surveys have shown that devices that use the operating system have grown to dominate the market.

This is no small feat, considering the very first Android smartphone, the HTC Dream, was released only 9 years ago. For a number of years, it looked like Apple was going to be the preferred operating system for the majority of players, but that is definitely no longer the case.

The Android operating system is certainly one of the reasons the best casino software developers would not dream of releasing a game without ensuring it is compatible with mobile devices.

Android Gaming Around the World

Android’s impact on the mobile gaming industry has been felt around the world. The Global Games by the Numbers survey, conducted in the second quarter of 2016, analysed data from more than 4 billion apps installed on Android and Apple’s iOS devices.

The results came as a surprise to not only players, but to some mobile casino operators as well. An incredible 82 percent of the apps analysed had been installed on Android devices, compared to the meagre 17 percent that were installed on iOS smartphone and tablets.

What was perhaps one of the survey’s greatest revelations was the fact that Brazil, Russia, India, and China were responsible for 42 percent of those Android app installations. In Indonesia, another emerging market, 96 percent of gaming apps had been downloaded and installed on Android devices.

Of course, when we consider the cost of Android devices versus the cost of other devices such as those produced by Apple, it becomes easy to see why it is a clear winner in emerging market countries.

What Android’s Done for Players

Android smartphone and tablet technology has enabled players around the world to enjoy fully-portable first class gaming. Large screens show graphics and animation in all their glorious detail, and touchscreens mean there is no fiddling with tiny little keys.

Good browser functionality is a boon to players who do not want to download mobile gaming apps, as they can simply launch and play games in browser.

It is also thanks to the capabilities of Android devices that casino game software developers have been able to release games that don’t water down the experience.

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