AI In The World Of Casino Games

Artificial intelligence, also known as AI, is a very misunderstood aspect of technology. Likely due to the influence of a number of popular science fiction movies, many seem to believe that the technology is somehow dangerous, or venturing into areas best left untouched. Of course, for those who understand exactly how artificial intelligence works, it’s obvious that the nature of the technology is hardly anything to be concerned about.

Recently, however, it was announced that an artificial intelligence named Deep Stack outperformed real professional players at the game of poker. This raises a number of questions not only about how good artificial intelligence can be, but whether computers could be used to help casino game players preform well beyond their natural levels.

Let’s take a closer look at AI, and how it could be applied to the world of casino games.

Understanding Artificial Intelligence

It is very important to keep in mind that artificial intelligence is really very simple when you get down to the core. Given that the programming aspect of technology is largely unknown by the general public, many seem to assume it is more complicated than it really is. In essence, every computer program is simply a list of commands that are run off, from tip to bottom. The list of commands is written in computer code, which can seem confusing at first, but is fairly easy to understand once learning the language.

For example, a list of commands could fairly easily be made that if a certain range of playing cards is present, that a certain number should be put forward as a response. It would in no way require anything more than the cards to be represented by elements that translate into computer language. The code would simply say; if X cards are present, respond by placing this betting amount, or else fold.

It helps to think of AI as a flow chart of options and commands that should be executed as a result of certain elements being met. In other words; there is no aspect at all of the computer making any decisions per se, but simply ticking off previously written responses as they have been written by a human.

Learning Artificial Intelligence

There is a buzz around the notion that an artificial intelligence can learn, but this is very misleading. Computer code can be written so that if certain results are seen, that the code adjust by adding a percentage for one solution to be used, as opposed to another. It is ore complicated and difficult to write than AI that does not automatically adjust, but is still simply a series of commands being player out, with extended commands that add or reduce percentages on specific options, and certain times.

It is again simply man made code that ticks off as it has been written to do so. There is no element of actual decision making at all, but simply a series of percentages being played off against one another. Hence, the idea of real intelligence being present is simply not understanding how AI works at it’s core.

Artificial Intelligence and Casino Games

The recent computer program that can outperform real players in poker is very impressive, and must have taken a good amount of time and effort to develop. It is, however, still simply a series of commands that are ticking off, as described above. It also helps to remember that there have been games that feature casino game playing AI for a very long time. In video games, players face off against computer-controlled opponents, and have done so for decades. This AI is no different to the more modern Deep Stack AI.

The real trick of developing computer controlled AI in video games is to ensure that the computer does not play too well, and beat the players unfairly. Hence, the more modern deep stack AI is simply designed to perform to maximum potential.

Furthermore, a computer AI was developed that could beat a professional chess player in 1996, called Deep Blue. This event, although receiving attention at the time, seems to be overlooked by many who consider modern AI to be extremely advanced.

Could AI Help Us Cheat?

It has been suggested that casino game players could use AI to help them cheat at casino games, which is an interesting notion. However, a person is just as capable of sitting with a strategy guide while they play online casino games. This is not referred to as cheating, and is rather common. Using a computer AI would be along the same lines.

Of course, if a professional poker player used an AI during a professional game, this would be a different story. As it stands, though, this seems like a rather far-fetched concept, and like it would be more of a hindrance to a truly professional player, as opposed to a benefit.

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