Embark On a Slots Adventure in Age of Conquest

New online casino slot, Age of ConquestSource: Microgaming

At the foot of a towering castle a battle is about to commence. Light and dark stand face to face ready to engage and fight until the last soldier is left standing. Who will win? That is up to the player, and simply a matter of spinning the reels! Age of Conquest is pokies entertainment taken to the next level, featuring some of the most extraordinary artwork, engaging mechanics, and an overall gripping theme.

Age of Conquest is created by Neon Valley Studios for Microgaming, and is quickly gaining a reputation as one of the most visually impressive online slots ever created. Add to the astonishing graphics the Persistent Collect mechanic, and the result is a slot experience that may well just go down in history as genre defining.

The game was released on the 28th May 2020 and can be enjoyed at the River Belle Casino. It has been optimised for play on both mobile devices and desktop computer.

Gather Your Army

Few slots have as detailed and well thought out a backstory as Age of Conquest. The game tells the tale of massive armies gathering for an ultimate battle, with an elven prince atop a mighty steed on one side, and a dark but beautiful sorceress atop a griffon on the other. The prince stands for light, and the sorceress for dark, though given how pleasing they both are to look at, it hardly seems to matter.

Each of the champions brings an army, and the battle that is about to ensue will surely leave the fields scattered with fallen. But, with the help of the player, the battle can swing one way or the other. Plus, where there is war, there are spoils, and the player may just land a few enormous payouts along the way.

Age of Conquest is a deeply immersive slot, and one of few that uses a persistent mechanic. But more about the special features will be explained later.

The Champions Revealed

Sword and sorcery are one of the longest running themes in present day culture. It stretches back as far as Conan the Barbarian and Lord of the Rings. Age of Conquest respects these roots, with both of its champions technically owing their design to those characters of long ago. The elven prince pays tribute to Legolas of Lord of the Rings fame, while the sorceress is closer to a Conan villain.

Both play a central part in the Age of Conquest mechanics, acting as the highest paying symbols, and possessing the ability to be stacked. Other high symbols include the prince’s white stallion, and the sorceress’s griffon. The low symbols of the game are a set of elegantly stylised J, Q, K and A.

There are 3 special feature symbols to look out for, which hold the key to the biggest potential payouts in the game. The first is the Wild, which appears as the word ‘Wild’ in swirling gold. The second is the golden throne, which acts as the Scatter. The third is the already mentioned diamond.

Statistical Information

Age of Conquest features 5 reels, 3 rows, and 20 paylines. It has an RTP of 96.23%, is medium volatility, and has a hit rate of 23.20%. The lowest accepted bet is 0.20 coins, and highest accepted bet 200.00 coins.

The Battle Commences

The outstanding feature of Age of Conquest is the Persistent Collect mechanic. If the diamond symbol lands on any reel, the diamond counter above that reel is activated. 2 diamonds on any 1 reel will turn that entire reel into Wilds. This feature is persistent, which means that gathered diamonds will be recorded between spins and remain active for as long as the player keeps spinning.

The second major feature is the Free Spins bonus. Matching 3 Scatters will present the player with a set of 3 options. 2 Free Spins with 3 Wild reels, 8 Free Spins with 2 Wild reels, or 25 Free Spins with 1 Wild reel. Once a choice has been made, and the Free Spins begin to play out, the bonus sequence can be retriggered if 3 more Scatters are matched.

Rally The Troops

Players can gather their troops at River Belle Casino whenever they feel ready to embrace the war between good and evil!

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