9 Last Minute Packing Tips

9 Last Minute Packing TipsSource: SmarterTravel

We’ve all had that feeling where we think we have plenty of time. Or we are so excited about our holiday that we simply haven’t started packing yet – and it is almost time to head to the airport. Or an urgent trip suddenly crops up and we need to go now. It’s every traveller’s nightmare, and sometimes, being rushed makes packing even harder as you’re bound to forget something important.

This handy list will help you get your bags packed in a rush, ensuring that you don’t forget any essentials. Stick with us and you won’t end up wearing airline socks for a week or brushing your teeth with your finger!

Bags Matter

The first thing to keep in mind is that the bags you’re packing are the key to success. The number of days you’ll be away should dictate the size and complexity of the luggage used. Remember; no matter how much of a diva you think you are, a small backpack is all you really need if it’s just a weekend trip. Of course, a full week in another country is going to require a spacious suitcase. Choose wisely, it will impact every other tip on this list.

Create A Travel Stash

If unexpected journeys, or leaving your preparations to the last minute are a common occurrence, then consider setting aside a pre-arranged travelling stash. Perhaps a bedroom drawer, or other similar space in which absolute essentials like passports and other absolutely necessary documents like reservation papers can be stashed.

Make A List

Make a list you’re exclaiming, but I’m in a rush! Sure, we know. But trust us when we say having things on paper is absolutely crucial when throwing a last minute bag together. We don’t mean a detailed, itemised list, but more something along the lines that will remind you that underwear needs to be in there somewhere, lest you want to have a seriously uncomfortable time.

Remember the Weather

Before making that list, you will want to take the weather of your destination into consideration. Not much good if you arrive with a collection of breezy summer clothing, only to remember the place has ice on the windows and three inches of snow on the ground.

Essential Toiletries

We probably don’t need to mention this, but toiletries are the often most forgotten thing when travel luggage is slapped together at the last minute. Toothpaste, a toothbrush, soap, shampoo and anything else you might need should be thrown into their own, separate, liquid tight container. Do this first, and set it aside to be packed last. We’ll get there next.

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Toiletries Last For Easy Access

Your toiletries always, always go in last. Why? So they can come out easily later. Upon arriving at your destination, you will probably want them first. This way, there is no digging around and tossing clothing into piles in order to wash your face or brush your teeth.

Versatile Clothing Is Key

Loading you suitcase with formal wear is obviously not a good idea. Instead, stick with versatile items that can be used on more than one occasion. For example, a good pair of shorts could be used to hit the beach, and later be slept in. Hey, it will save space, don’t be a diva.


Is there anything as lame as arriving at your destination, only to realise you forgot your phone charger? Before walking out the door, do a visual confirmation of outlets that you’ve packed the ones you need. Never forget though, that one charger can work with multiple devices. Try your best to avoid having three chargers when one will do just fine.

Don’t Stress

Lastly, keep in mind that packing the perfect suitcase is not the be all and end all of your travelling situation. Really, is having the perfect outfit going to make or break the journey? If it is, then it’s a trip that probably has some pretty serious dressing etiquette rules. Otherwise, once again, you’re just being a diva. Travel teaches you to be versatile, and as long as you’ve packed the basics you should have a good time!

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